Biomutant: How to Use the Photo Mode Feature?

Biomutant is a beautiful game. The world is full of color, and most of it is very dangerous. But still beautiful to look at. In this article we decided to talk about Photo Mode, giving you an easy way to take amazing photos.

While this tutorial isn’t in-depth, taking photos like this is a relatively easy process. And here’s what you need to know about using the Photo Mode feature in Biomutant.

How to Use Photo Mode

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To use Photo Mode, first pause it and then open the System Menu. After that just scroll down and select Photo Mode. You will also see hotkeys to quickly activate Photo Mode without having to open the menu, on the PS5 the default button is L3 + R3.

After you create Photo Mode, there are several ways to adjust the image, including:

  • Depth of Field: Although there is no slider for Depth of Field, you can still enable or disable presets. Turn it on, and the background will blur, keeping the focus on the action happening near the lens.
  • angle: Biomutant lets you change the shooting angle. You can even reverse the image completely and take the image upside down.
  • Free Movement: Players can easily move the camera up, down, or to the side of the subject. You can even zoom in after you find a beautiful place.
  • Hide UI: This feature will disable the UI so that the captured image becomes better.
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biomutant photo mode

This game does not have a built-in “Photo Capture” button. Instead, you have to use a special button on the PS5 or Xbox Series controller, or if you play on a PC you can set the hotkey.

Where Are Photos Saved?

If you take a photo on an Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, or PS5 console, the image will be saved in the media folder, which can be accessed via the console’s home screen.

If you’re playing on a PC, the location of the image depends on the service you’re using to play the game. For example, on Steam, you can view the shots by opening the Menu, then selecting “View“, and select again “Screenshots” from the dropdown menu.

Reasons Why You Should Try Photo Mode


Using Photo Mode in Biomutant is a great way to take high-quality pictures when compared to just pressing the F12 key or the screengrab controller key during combat, you can stop the action completely and take pictures without worrying about all the deadly enemies around you.

It’s a shame that this feature doesn’t have various filters or other options to customize your shots, but it does have the ability to pause the game and remove UI elements to make it easier to take clean shots.

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