Biomutant: How Does Aura Work?

One of the interesting features of Biomutant is Aura System. This feature tracks player actions in-game, assigning values Dark or Light for most of the decisions you make. For example, helping the villagers. That way your Aura will become lighter, otherwise if you annoy or ignore everyone in the village, your Aura will grow darker.

It will take some time to see the impact of the Aura and it will have some serious consequences as you approach the end of the narrative. And for those of you who are curious about how the Aura System works in Biomutant and what are its effects. Please see the explanation below.

What is Aura in Biomutant and How Does it Work?

biomutant aura

As we explained above, this Aura System can find out the actions of players in the game. A simple Aura system can be done with your good deeds in the game and your Aura will grow Light.

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On the other hand, if you do a bad deed it will give rise to a Dark Aura. The Biomutants don’t know everything you do, but there are some major crossroads where you will be judged. Here are some things that the player Aura knows:

  • How players handle Tribal captives.
  • Response to moment dialogue important with the other main characters.
  • How do you finish quest and side quest certain.
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You will see the player’s Aura at any time by heading to Menu, then select “Character“, and select Aura. This will show you your current alignment along with your total Dark and Light points.

Level up

One of the main reasons for knowing your Aura is because it affects which skills you can choose when leveling up. Not all skills are tied to Aura, but some Psi Power high level requires a certain Aura rank. If there is a special skill that you want to unlock in the future, make sure it fits your current play style.

Child Aura

At some point in the story, Biomutant will take players back to childhood. Decisions made here will have an impact on Child Aura. This score is separate from your Aura as an adult and is mainly used to change the way NPCs remember you from the past.

Do good deeds as a child, and they will say that you are a good young man. On the other hand, if you make a bad decision, they will call you reekless or reckless. Outside of dialogue changes, your Child Aura will not have too much impact on the gameplay session.

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Impact of Aura Ark Passengers

After you take care of Worldeater first, you will go Tree of Life and found the Ark. There is a ship being prepared by out of date as failsafe. If everything goes to hell, you and some of the other characters can escape the chaos or run to a safer place.

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Depending on the player’s Aura, however, some characters may decline your invitation to fly in the Ark. If you are close to a certain character, you must first make sure that their Aura is in line with their beliefs, otherwise you will be left scrambling to get a new passenger.

So that’s a complete explanation regarding Aura in Biomutant. There are still many Biomutant guides that we haven’t covered. So, just wait for the next update from us. Keep up with to get the latest news about games. Also follow Hobigame’s social media accounts so you don’t miss updates.

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