Better to Stream or Download When Watching Movies

Sometimes people find it difficult to decide whether to watch movies online or offline, because both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you watch online, what is at stake is the quota and of course requires a very high data connection. It also depends on the quality of the selected video.

Most movie streaming sites have a feature to select the desired video quality. As Youtube, Netflix, Prime Videos, etc. But if users watch it on a movie provider site illegal, maybe this feature will not be available.

Quota is the most important thing to be able to surf the internet, that’s why everyone saving quota is like saving electricity. And downloading and streaming also both require quota, but differ in terms of later use.

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Difference Between Watching Videos Online and Offline

Maybe it’s time for users to start thinking about both from the good side and something that is needed later. But that doesn’t mean I prefer one of the two things, because this article is very neutral.

  • Quota – The thing that becomes the path to access the internet is an important factor for watching movies. Downloading or streaming it makes no difference and depends on the video resolution selected.
  • Buffering and Download Speed – If streaming, users will experience buffering at some point due to connections that are not always fast. While downloading also can not be said to be fast if the internet speed is very slow.
  • Subtitles – Here offline watching is superior because users can search for subtitle files on a subtitle provider website on the internet. While watching online, you only get makeshift subtitles from the streaming site provider.
  • Video Player Features – Usually movie streaming websites use HTML5 video players that can be customized by third parties, for example the Super Netflix add-on. But that will only add a few features. While watching movies offline, you will be given all the features available in the video player program and of course it will be more complete.
  • Need Memory – Watching offline in fact requires a high memory capacity if the video is saved later. But if streaming, the video will not be saved and immediately discarded.
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From the five things above, I think users can conclude which is better than the two things. Considering the price of quota is now expensive, watching videos with a slightly lower resolution can be an option.

Which is Better Between Download and Streaming?

In my own opinion, in deciding these two things, it depends on the internet quota that I have. So if for example I’m using connection unlimited like WiFi, so I prefer to watch online.

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Well, while if I’m using the equivalent regular quota 1 Giga Byte, so I decided to download that one movie. But if the decision I made is not what the user thinks, then don’t try to imitate and try the way the user wants.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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