Best Nintendo 64 Emulators For Android

An emulator is a tool that can be used to play an application from another device. There are many emulators that can be found for various operating system phones. From the smallest & most popular, namely GBC/GBA, until the largest is PSP/PSX. In various emulators, the graphics are not always the same, sometimes there are errors in the middle of the game, just black blanks, and so on. For that everyone always chooses the best before using a bad emulator in the process.

What I will share this time is nintendo 64 emulator for android. Because in my opinion, the N64 game has good graphics (3D) and a small size. Unfortunately the nintendo 64 game is no longer made because the nintendo 64 itself died around 2001. The emulator that I will share is called Mupen64 Plus AE. In its version, Mupen64 is still said to be a Beta version, but don’t worry because this application can be used properly. Possible errors are only in some games and this can also be notified on the mupen64 forum in order to make it even better in the next version.

In all emulator apps that I found, only Mupen64 Plus AE which has the highest rating in the market. There are also many features such as Video & Audio settings, Settings for joystick buttons, Game Storage, to plugins that can improve performance when playing games.
Games that can be played in format .n64, .v64, or .z64. You can also read directly from a ZIP Archive file.

In the mupen64 emulator, there is a plugins menu which provides 3 Video Generators. That is gles2n64, gles2rice and gles2glide64. These three have different looks and in my opinion the best is gles2rice because the image displayed is bright and the game doesn’t always lag.
There is also a Cheat menu which, if complete and can be used easily. So there’s no need to press buttons that are hard to understand, because in mupen64, the cheat menu provided can be used with just one click. ️
Here are some screenshots that I got from the Mupen64 Plus AE application. Please see below. :mrgreen:

Mupen64 Plus AE Image Mupen64 Plus AE Image Mupen64 Plus AE Image

This emulator does have internet access approval when installing, its use is not for advertising but only for feedback when experiencing problems on certain devices. This application will continue to develop its version because it is still in beta. But you can also download it for free, by clicking the banner below.

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The above address includes the APK direct link. If you want to install via playstore/market please click here.

The Mupen64 Plus AE app has a size of approx. 12 MB and requires android version 2.0 to the top. The direct link download address will be updated when the app has a version update. If at any time the download address error, please comment. ️

Addition: You can find a collection of n64 game ROMs on the COOLROM SITE. I suggest for the first time, please play this game first. Toy Story, Resident Evil, Bug’s A Life, and WWE. Guaranteed to be addictive. ️

Hopefully useful and good luck

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