Before Revamp, Hanabi Gets OP Buff In Mobile Legends (ML)

Hanabi is a hero who won the Reforge Your Legend event a few days ago, this hero is preparing to get a revamp but before that, he will get a buff that is quite OP.

In the latest Mobile Legends update that was released on the Advanced Server, Moonton gave Hanabi the latest buff by reducing the cooldown on both skills.

In addition, they also increase the damage given by skill 2 as a whole so that it will be stronger in the early game.

Hanabi users can now use the second skill with a cooldown time of around 8-6 seconds, different from the previous 12-7 seconds longer.

Not only giving cooldown to the second skill, Hanabi also gets a buff that can increase the effect of using mana.

Mana is one of the obstacles for players who use Hanabi, the use of which is very wasteful. But Moonton overcame this.

Now from skill 2 Hanabi can attack which enemy, which you can take the opponent’s mana and then use it on his first skill.

This first skill will make Hanabi’s attack bounce and provide a shield so that she becomes a strong hero. The problem is that which is wasteful is one of the drawbacks.

With this first skill, Hanabi is able to defeat opponents and minions quickly with large damage attacks.

Especially if Hanabi uses an item with a Cooldown reduction of 40%, then each Hanabi skill can be used even faster, this will increase Hanabi’s DPS significantly.

Hanabi Skin After Venom Mobile Legends Skin

Unfortunately, the buff on skill 2, balanced with the nerf in the first skill, the damage resulting from bounce damage or bounce damage is now reduced to 40% of the initial damage of 50%.

But in skill 2, the damage issued also increases from 400-5000 damage, to 450-600, and ultimate from 400 – 600 to 600 – 800.

With buffs on both skills will overcome the nerf problem on skill 1 given to Hanabi.

Not only Hanabi, there are many marksman heroes who also get a significant buff in the upcoming update.

Where buffs are given by almost all marksman heroes such as Brody, Wanwan, to Moskov, a total of about 7 marksman heroes are buffed.

In this latest update, it looks like it will be the latest patch note in which the marksman hero will be the most meta hero in the game.

The match seems to be dominated by marksman heroes, especially when it is very popular with the Physical Mid meta, where marksman can be used in the meta.

So that’s all for information about the buff given to Hanabi before she got the latest revamp in Mobile Legends. Hopefully useful and see you again!

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