Become a Mage’s Favorite Item, Here’s How to Counter Shadow Twinblades Items! |

Become a Mage’s Favorite Item, Here’s How to Counter Shadow Twinblades Items!

Besides War Ax, it turns out that there is one other new item that is now a favorite for use in Mobile Legends.

If War Ax is devoted to Fighters, this item is specially made for Mage users, namely Shadow Twinblades.

The passive of this item is arguably very troubling because it will give painful damage and a slow effect of 60%.

Of course, this makes it difficult for tankers and fighters to withstand damage from a Mage.

Therefore, here are items that can counter these items in Mobile Legends.

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Athena Shield

mobile legends mage items

It is common knowledge that this one item is able to withstand various items belonging to the Mage. The reason is, this item is able to reduce magic damage by 25% for 5 seconds.

Therefore, this item is mandatory for you to use when fighting Mage, whether using Shadow Twinblades or not.

Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor MLBB
source: Mobile Legends

Besides Athena Shield, it feels like Radiant Armor because it can reduce magic damage that is done continuously,

This is of course to avoid typical magic heroes with high burst damage so you don’t get instant kills because they have Shadow Twinblades.

Queen’s Wings

Queen's Wings After Patch
source: Mobile Legends

Next is the Queen’s Wings item which is recommended only for fighters when dealing with magic heroes who have painful damage.

The reason is that in addition to reducing damage by 20% from the item’s passive skill, this item also ensures that you receive additional physical attacks as well as spell vamps.

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Necklace of Durance

Necklace of Durance MLBB

In addition to providing painful damage, Shadow Twinblades also gives its users Magic Lifesteal.

To overcome this, you can use NoD as a counter for the regeneration of heroes who use these items.

Ice Queen Wand

Shadow Twinblades is designed to be used by Magic Assassins, with the additional movement speed of the item, of course, making assassin heroes who use this item have high mobility.

With the Ice Queen Wand, of course, it can inhibit the mobility of these heroes very easily.

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