Beautify Android Status Bar with GravityBox

Around 2021, for people who have Android phones, most of them take care of their cellphones in a subtle way so they don’t get damaged, especially if they do root, maybe not many people do this in the past because it can only be done with the help of PC devices. Not that doing this root can damage the phone, but it also depends on what needs make the user root. And most people can be sure to do root to increase the performance of the phone to make it even better and decorate it so that it doesn’t look boring.

If the user is already proficient in decompile and recompile it must be very easy for him to decorate everything on the phone, be it the initial display, menus, to the statusbar. The thing that is most in demand seems to be decorating the statusbar because it will appear on all applications and it would be even better if it was colored or replaced with an existing icon. Maybe if you just change the icon like a battery or signal icon, the user can definitely do it, but what if you change everything to make it more interesting, for example add internet connection on the side, replace the clock in the middle or remove it, and others. Not everyone can do that easily except with some help.

The application that I will share will helps users to decorate the statusbar very easily and can even decorate the notification panel to be more beautiful and different than usual. This app is called Gravitybox, it’s included from the Xposed Framework module. So if users want to try this application, they must first install Xposed and install it to the system so that the Gravitybox application can work fully. Xposed is not dangerous and will even add many features to the phone, there are various kinds of modules that can be collaborated with Xposed and one of them is Gravitybox which can tweak the UI system even though it is still in odex state.

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The excellent feature that I like is being able to add all the tools in the notification panel, so various features in the notification panel will be provided, for example, such as taking screenshots, users no longer need to press buttons with difficulty because it is only a click away from the notification panel. . Then there is also a feature to display the amount of RAM and delete tasks in the app drawer, there are also various battery icons that can be selected and used directly. No need to be afraid of experiencing a bootloop, because Gravitybox is very safe to use and will not reduce the performance of the cellphone in the slightest. Here’s an overview.

This Gravitybox available for Android Jelly bean and above, each Android version has its own APK file, currently I’m also using Gravitybox for Android KitKat and all the features are working fine. In my opinion, the tweak feature that is quite amazing is a kind of floating notification that will appear like Android Lollipop, so every time there is a notification, a notification will float at the top, you can slide it right or left to get rid of it. This Gravitybox application has a premium version that will unlock some of its best features, and the free version is also solid to use. To download it, please click on the text name below according to the Android version.

[Jelly Bean][KitKat][Lollipop][Marshmallow]

If when opening Gravitybox, suddenly a notification appears like this “Gravitybox System framework is not responding.” it means the user has not installed Xposed Framework on the system. There are not many versions of Xposed that are suitable for all Android phones and please look for one that fits. To make it easier to find, please ask in a group according to the type of cellphone on Facebook. The link above goes directly to the Xposed Module Repository site, and to download it, please scroll down and you will find the details, then beside the Download text there is a link, just click on it and the download process will begin.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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