AWM Fūrinkazan & Emote Hadouke FF Coming to Magic Arrow Free Fire!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The Free Fighter event in the Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration doesn’t feel like it will end soon. Even so, there are still several collaboration items that will be available in the near future.

One of them is the presence of an AWM Gun Skin called AWM Fūrinkazan Free Fire (FF). Not only that, there will be a Hadouke Emote wrapped in the latest Free Fire (FF) Magic Arrow event!

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Curious about this Magic Arrow Free Fire (FF) event and how to get AWM Fūrinkazan & Emote Hadouke FF? Let’s just read this article for more details!

AWM Fūrinkazan & Emote Hadouke FF Magic Arrow Free Fire

After presenting the Angle Hiphop FF bundle, Magic Arrow returns to Free Fire with 2 exclusive Free Fire x Street Fighter items, namely AWM Fūrinkazan & Emote Hadouke!

The Magic Arrow event to get AWM Fūrinkazan & Emote Hadouke itself will be present starting on July 13, 2021. Meanwhile, the following are the conditions for the Magic Arrow FF event which has this AWM Fūrinkazan & Emote Hadouke FF prize:

  1. Spin and collect coins to exchange for various prizes including the main Emote Hadouke (FF) prize
  2. Every spin also has the opportunity to get direct prizes, for example, AWM Fūrinkazan Free Fire
  3. You can use 20 Diamonds for 1x Spin and 80 Diamonds for 5x Spin
  4. In addition to getting coins, you also have the opportunity to get a discount for the next spin, 25% discount for 30 minutes or 50% discount for the next 10 spins
  5. Prizes will be sent to your vault/collection
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In this Magic Arrow FF event, Buddy Booyah can get AWM Fūrinkazan FF directly through spin. Meanwhile, Buddy Booyah must collect 110 Coins to be able to exchange it for the Hadouken Emote.

The following is a list of prizes that you can get by exchanging coins at the latest Magic Arrow Free Fire event AWM Fūrinkazan & Emote Hadouke FF.

AWM Frinkazan Free Fire (FF) stats

AWM Frinkazan Free Fire (FF) stats:

  • Damage(++)
  • Reload Speed(+)
  • Magazines(-)

Hadouken Free Fire (FF) Emotes

How cool isn’t it? Therefore, don’t miss Free Fire’s newest Magic Arrow event which will be coming from July 13, 2021 at Free Fire (FF)!

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