Arabic, Indian, French, French, Arabic Text Generator Java Applications


This application is named CleverTexting and it is used to write foreign languages ​​more easily, not all cellphones have direct text Writing Language, sometimes if the nokia phone only supports Indonesian, English, Japanese.

Actually, making Arabic text can be used on any cellphone as long as it supports the text. Most likely Nokia, SE, Samsung, etc. that support j2me java. Can support the text. But if a Chinese cellphone such as Gmobile, Nexian, Cross, etc., the writing becomes boxes, but complicated languages ​​that have not been translated, such as Korean, Bengali, may become boxes on Nokia, SE, Samsung, etc. Unless the cellphone has been ransacked, it can be done haha.

In this application you can easily create text, for example Arabic, just write the text with the normal cellphone buttons. I recommend using this application on the cellphone NON QWERTY. And the advantages can also directly make an SMS.

The creator of this application is from around 2008 Until now, I don’t know whether the person is still the developer of this application or not, because there are already many languages ​​that have been made in the form of one-on-one text.
Please see, select the language, and download the application (direct)


The application is perfect for Nokia s40 and also suitable for cellphones that support java.
Most languages ​​are from India, because the language is weird and complicated, but it’s neat. Like hanacaraka :mrgreen:

Want to download at once in ZIP form, without trying one by one, please download below:

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Download CleverTexting

Sorry there are no screenshots, understand that my cellphone is bored. So please take a look inside yourself

“Currently CleverTexting is making for English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French and will make other languages ​​again” that’s what the site says, I don’t know for sure but this site is still there, please see for yourself at

Please before downloading read the information above before the download link. What I don’t want is that I’m surprised this app is Translator even if it’s just a writer. Don’t make fun of it because it takes a long time to make something like this hehe. So just appreciate it, even though it’s ugly it can still be used.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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