Apply These Tips To Give Back Up Fire on Free Fire (FF)!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Playing the role of a player who must be ready to provide assistance and protection for other teammates, makes the existence of support in the Free Fire game very important and should not be ignored.

For Buddy Booyah who plays as Support, there are several things that Buddy Booyah must understand in order to play the role of support more optimally, especially when supporting the game by providing Back Up Fire to teammates.

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Berita Booyah wants to share tips for doing support in the form of Back Up Fire in the best way that Buddy Booyah can do when playing Free Fire. Without further ado, take a look at the reviews below!

Rise to High Places

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High positions such as roofs of buildings, high ground, certain places that are higher than the surrounding area give Buddy Booyah a wider vision. Thus, the enemy’s position is easier to see. Not only that, positioning yourself in a high place can give an unexpected attack on the enemy.

The enemy will find it difficult to block attacks coming from different directions, especially attacks from high positions that are difficult to counterattack. Thus, Buddy Booyah can repay the enemy’s HP and the rusher is ready to finish it.

Prioritize the use of high-damage weapons

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Back Up Fire means providing support fire either to protect a friend or to help the task rusher finish off the enemy quickly. Therefore, the use of high-damage weapons is highly recommended.

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Apart from the Gun Skin with increased stats, it’s good for Support to master some weapons that do have large pure damage.

Support can use Double Sniper or a row of marksman rifle weapons that have high damage and armor penetration. However, the main key to a good back up fire from a support is good aim on point.

Precise Positioning

order shot backup fire given maximum, Support requires proper positioning. A support must be observant to see the position of friends and find space so that the shots given hit the enemy.

In addition, choosing the right position can be a distraction that breaks concentration when the enemy attacks or defends. Proper positioning will minimize situations when support is late to provide assistance or the back up fire provided is ineffective.

Those are some of the best tips to provide maximum back up fire as a support when playing Free Fire. For Buddy Booyah with role support, do you have your own way to carry out your duties well?

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