Application To Play Videos With Subtitles On Android

Playing videos or movies is indeed more exciting if there are subtitles at the bottom. Because many people do not understand the words spoken by the film’s actors but understand the plot. If on the computer, play videos with subtitles very easy and of course there are no problems at all, different if on a cellphone maybe only a smartphone that can play movies with subtitles and with the help of applications.

On Android phones, you can play videos with subtitles and with the help of an app called MX Player. The application has been used by many people to play a long video or film and of course there are no problems at all. There are several applications that are almost the same and can display subtitles, but in motion the video and sound produced are still not quite right.

In MX Player there are various settings that you can reset, from video encoder, brightness, subtitle location, video list and so forth. The advantages of MX Player in my opinion from the encoding menu provided are: H/w and S/w. So there is no possibility of experiencing problems when playing long videos even on low-end phones.

In the application you can also set subtitles, large or small of the text to be displayed. The maximum volume for video encoding H/w is 15. As for video encoding, the maximum S/w is 30. There are many more features available in the MX Player application. Before downloading the application, please see the screenshot of the MX Player application below.

MX Player Banner MX Player Banner MX Player Banner MX Player Banner

Interesting right.? This application is available in two versions, one is free and one is paid. Here I will only share it for free. The size of the MX Player application is only approx. 10 Mb only and requires Android version 2.1 to the top. To download it, please click the banner below.

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The link above goes to file hosting ZippyShare. If you want to install via the play store, please CLICK HERE. Sometimes some Android phones have different codecs like mine ARMV7 NEON. For that, if you want to download the appropriate codec on your cellphone, please search HERE.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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