Apex Legends Again Breaks the Record Number of Active Players on Steam

After some time ago it was rumored that Apex Legends would be released for the Mobile version, now this battle royale game is back into a hot conversation because it managed to break the record for the number of active players on Steam.

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As we know that Apex Legends is one of the popular battle royale games among gamers. This is reinforced by evidence that released two years ago is now increasingly in demand thanks to gameplay and a number of interesting content updates.

Not only that, we realize that Apex Legends is getting more and more popular because it has managed to regain a record number of active players.

Based on the announcement delivered directly by the Apex Legends Twitter account, Respawn Entertainment revealed that they had again managed to surpass the previous record for the number of active players at the same time on Steam, which was 196,799 players.

Of course this is a good achievement because the record last January broke the 130,000 active players.

One of the things that might influence the increase could be due to the release of Season 8 in early February.

Where the Apex Legends developer offers a number of interesting content for Season 8, starting from adding characters, the second Apex Legends anniversary celebration event, to a new battle pass.

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Apex Legends is currently available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch (March 9, 2021), Xbox One, and of course PC. And reportedly they will spread its wings to mobile devices in the near future.

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