Android Phone Battery Solution that Suddenly 0%

Android cellphone battery suddenly 0%, this is the solution

It’s very surprising to see the battery suddenly run out even though there was still quite a lot left. This problem is not only experienced by certain types of phones, but almost all Android phones can experience it at any time.

Whether the battery percentage is still 15%, 30%, 40%, or more, it could suddenly become 0% with different consequences. If you experience it too, then this is the right time to fix it in various ways that are shared here.

Causes of Battery Sudden Out (Zero Percent)

There are several causes that make the battery or Android phone unstable so that the system sometimes mistakenly thinks that the battery is running out even though it’s still not the time. But some of it leads to the health of the battery itself.

Here are some of the causes of the problem:

  • An error occurred in the phone system

  • Battery not compatible

  • Broken battery

Of the three causes, of course there are separate ways that you can try to be able to overcome the problem. And this article will share three solutions. It’s best to start with the first.

1. Factory Reset

Who knows the problem is in the system part of the cellphone, whether it’s a malfunction or something unexpected. But if the problem is only on the system, of course it can be solved by resetting to factory settings.

User can go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory reset. In this section the user can follow the instructions given on the screen. But please be careful because this method can delete all contacts, applications, and files stored on the internal storage.

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2. Do not activate the Fast Charging feature

Try to disable the Fast Charging feature if your phone currently supports it. This feature will indeed make the battery charge very quickly, but be aware that the battery will get very hot when charging and this is quite bad.

So for a simple experiment, try to disable the Fast Charging feature and charge the phone normally. To disable it, it’s usually in Settings > Battery then scroll down and find options Fast Cable Charging. Just turn it off on that option.

3. Buying a New Battery

If the above doesn’t solve the problem, there’s a high chance that the battery is faulty. You can also make sure by borrowing the same cellphone and then installing it with the battery you have and then seeing the results later.

As a suggestion, buy an original cell phone brand battery to prevent instability or premature damage.

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It is very important to do the first method to find out if the problem is from the system. By performing a full reset, there is no need to calibrate because battery stats will be deleted at that time.

However, if the user still wants to calibrate the battery, please refer to the article Tutorial on Android Battery Calibration Without ROOT.

Most who experience this problem, always refers to battery damage. But some have succeeded by doing a full reset of their cellphone which is caused by a malfunctioning system ROM. For that, it’s a good idea for users to try all of the above methods starting from the first, because who knows the problem is not from battery damage.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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