Alvaro Skill Get Buff in Advance Server FF July! META Grenade Era?

The presence of the Free Fire Advance Server is always accompanied by a series of interesting things, in the form of updates that will soon be introduced into the Free Fire Game.

Not only striving for the presence of new features and improving various old features, Advance Server FF also provides a balance for characters. Such was the case for Alvaro’s skill, which had a buff to his skill.

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In this discussion, Berita Booyah will explain the details of the buff obtained by Alvaro. Therefore, read carefully the following reviews!

Alvaro’s Skill Buff on Advance Server FF July!

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By profession as an explosives expert, Alvaro’s character comes with a skill called Art of Demolition. This skill is able to increase the Damage and area of ​​the explosion from Explosive Weapons in Free Fire. With his abilities, Alvaro became the forerunner of the formation of a very deadly META Grenade.

Well, on Advance Server FF July, Alvaro got a little buff for his skill, which is the addition of damage power from Explosive Weapon. The full details of Booyah News are listed below.

  • Level 1: Explosive weapon damage increased 10%. Attack distance increased by 7%
  • Level 2: Explosive weapon damage increased 12%. Attack distance increased by 7.5%
  • Level 3: Explosive weapon damage increased 14%. Attack distance increased by 8%
  • Level 4: Explosive weapon damage increased 16%. Attack distance increased by 8.5%
  • Level 5: Explosive weapon damage increased 18%. Attack distance increased by 9%
  • Level 6: Explosive weapon damage increased 20%. Attack distance increased by 10%
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Alvaro’s skill buff only increases the damage of explosive weapons. Previously, the maximum level of Alvaro’s skill gave an increase in explosive weapon damage by 16%, and now it is 20%

Even without a buff, Alvaro’s skill with his Grenade META is very overpowered. This META can finish off the enemy very quickly without wasting excessive resources. With the buff for Alvaro’s skill, it’s possible that META Grenades will dominate META Free Fire after the upcoming patch update.

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