Alvaro Character Gets Buff in Advance Server FF July 2021!

alvaro buff advance server FF july 2021

Alvaro Character Gets Buff in Advance Server FF July 2021!

Advance Server Free Fire (FF) July 2021 has brought a lot of interesting new things that will make this battle royale game even more exciting.

In addition to new things, players will also see some adjustments for character skills that are not included in the FF meta.

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One of the characters who received this adjustment was Alvaro. You could say Alvaro is rarely used by FF players today.

However, it looks like that will soon change as the character will receive a pretty significant buff!

Buff Alvaro

alvaro buff advance server FF july 2021

Alvaro has a skill, namely Art of Demolition which basically can increase the damage and attack distance of explosive weapons.

Previously, many players felt that his skills were less effective, that’s why Garena has given a buff to this character!

Here are Alvaro’s buffs on Advance Server FF July 2021:

  • Level 1: Explosive weapon damage increased 10%. Attack distance increased 7%
  • Level 2: Explosive weapon damage increased 12%. Attack distance increased 7.5%
  • Level 3: Explosive weapon damage increased 14%. Attack distance increased 8%
  • Level 4: Explosive weapon damage increased 16%. Attack distance increased 8.5%
  • Level 5: Explosive weapon damage increased 18%. Attack distance increased 9%
  • Level 6: Explosive weapon damage increased 20%. Attack distance increased 10%

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