Agent Hop Free Fire (FF) Latest Pet Leaks

We finally get to see Agent Hop Free Fire’s (FF) Latest Pet Leak, one of the newest Pets with a cute shape. Different from other pets too, but maybe this will help players to play more easily, if you use Agent Hop as a companion.

Maybe there are still some new things that we can find in the Free Fire game this time, it’s just that there is nothing that you shouldn’t miss. Especially for the features and also the next event for all of you to try soon, it’s not all, but it makes you curious.

Especially for how to download the Free Fire Advance Server APK now, maybe you will try it right away. So that you don’t miss some of the latest updates from the server, so you can feel it yourself when you are dealing with enemies later.

Including for Agent Hop Free Fire’s Latest Pet Leaks (FF), there are several important points from Pets that appear today. Because it can have an impact, and the impression is enough to help the game feel even easier.

Agent Hop Free Fire (FF) Latest Pet Leaks

You may soon be waiting for the newest Pet in this game, now there is one new thing called Agent Hop. This is one of the Pets from the Free Fire game, even just appeared on the September 2021 Advance Server and has very good skills.

The appearance of this pet is a male rabbit, wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a Grenade Launcher Bullet. Then wears gloves, war camouflage pants and also has a wound on his left eye.

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The pet has a skill called Bounce Bonus, but that doesn’t mean this skill is for your character’s jumping power. Instead, it will give Energy Points continuously, when the safe zone in the match starts to shrink to the end.

Just remember that in this Battleroyale there are 7 Zone reductions, then for Clash Squad there is only 1 time. This means that Pet Agent Hop will be more useful if you are in Battleroyale mode, but it is possible for other Modes that have Zones.

Not including this Support Pet, yes, even more into the Hybrid Offense Type for yourself. Players will not be able to share these skills with teammates and that’s why it’s not included in Support for Squads.

This pet will maintain the quality of your HP in the match, so that later nothing will be missed at all. Maybe a few chances too, will give you a good chance when facing off against a strong enemy.

Maybe those who often have problems finding Mushrooms when competing, can use this Pet to get energy points. We don’t know how many energy points Agent Hop will give, but this Pet will probably give up to Full when the Zone shrinks.

What do you think? there are only 2 Pets having war Souls in the Free Fire game now, Beaston and Agent Hop. Maybe they have their own story, it could be that they were friends during the war at first but eventually became sworn enemies.

Surely there will be many exciting things that we can find, when using Agent Hope.

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After knowing the Latest Agent Hop Free Fire (FF) Pet Leaks, you may have a new choice of Pets that appear. Surely you will also have a good opportunity, when you try the Pet directly when competing later.

Then don’t forget to find out the Latest Free Fire Shotgun Treatment Leaks, one of the strongest and overpowered weapons. You will give a large Healing effect to Friends, if you shoot their bodies using this Weapon.

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