Aerowolf Pro Team Collaborates with MBR Esports Goes through FFML Season IV!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The FFML Season IV event hasn’t even started yet and the schedule hasn’t even been announced yet kick-off. However, it is getting interesting to see the various teams that will compete in this FFML Season IV event later.

Aerowolf Pro Team is one of the teams that will compete in FFML Season IV Division 1 later. However, this team with the wolf logo has a surprise for the Free Fire arena.

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After some time ago they officially announced their departure from the competitive arena of Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile, for the Free Fire division itself they announced the presence of a collaboration with an esports organization!

The organization is MBR Esports. Yep, Aerowolf Pro Team is working with MBR Esports to play in FFML Season IV Division 1 with the current list of players.

MBR Esports is arguably a fairly new esports organization in Indonesia. Formed in early 2021, MBR Esports was originally established by forming the Wild Rift division.

In FFML Season IV Division 1, the Aerowolf Pro Team and MBR Esports collaboration team will advance under the name MBR Epsilon, ready to navigate the intense competition in FFML Season IV Division 1.

Is Buddy Booyah impatient to see the action of MBR Epsilon which is also their debut with a new name in the professional competitive arena of Free Fire?

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