Advance Server FF July, Can Request Resources from Friends in Clash Squad!

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It has become a routine agenda for Free Fire to present patch updates every two months. Before carrying out the update, Free Fire first released an Advance Server that can be accessed on a limited basis by players.

In the Advance Server there are various updates, both massive and simple updates. However, every update is certainly presented to create a better gaming experience.

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Advance Server FF July 2021 this time brings an update for clash mode. This update allows Buddy Booyah to request free resources from teammates. Curious about the update? Check out the following review!

Resource Request Feature in Clash Squad

Source: beritabooyahid

As stated in the title above, Advance Server FF July presents an update in the form of a resource request feature in the Clash Squad store. This feature allows players to request certain items from teammates.

This feature applies to all players in the team. If the request for resources is accepted, the item is automatically purchased using the available coins, and the item goes directly to the inventory of the requesting player. However, the player can also refuse the request.

Source: beritabooyahid

The resource request feature provides an opportunity to share resources and fight to win the match. The easy process of buying and exchanging items without having to be on the mic and swapping items is the reason why this feature is quite effective.

That’s the Request Resources feature that is present in Advance Server FF July. According to Buddy Booyah, can this feature provide significant benefits for players in Clash Squad FF Mode?

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