Adjust Volume Easier on Android

There are several uses of the Android volume button other than just increasing the volume down, and of course the button is very important because it can be used when the cellphone is in an emergency or wants to share something like a screenshot of the current screen. Many people don’t think about what will happen if the button is pressed continuously and don’t think about the damage, even though at this time the power and volume buttons are damaged due to being pressed too often. Smartphones are good in internal systems, but the small buttons still can’t make it as good as possible to prevent damage, however the phone can definitely be damaged and it just takes time and there will definitely be something unusual about the phone.

Android phones are different from iPhones, which are more concerned with security for only 1 user, whereas Android even if the phone is done whatever it is, it is a kind of encryption, pin, etc., it can still be overcome by flashing the firmware and making the phone like new again. Unlike the iPhone and all Apple products that provide special synchronization (iClouds) that go directly to the inside of the system and can’t be solved by flash, but by removing the internal components and this requires special skills. It’s the same with the power button on Android, if it’s damaged, you have to disassemble the case and fix it again if there’s a problem.

Sometimes people don’t think about the broken volume button because the user can change the volume from the phone’s settings, but if it’s from the phone’s settings, namely the Profile section, it will take a long time if it’s not done from a special application. And here I share a special application to change the volume easier and faster than going to profile settings. This application is named Volume Manager which has been growing for a long time and fully supports all existing volumes. Examples such as media volume, calls, notifications, and others. In addition, it also supports direct profiles that can be used directly such as Silent, Vibrate and General.

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The best part is the app Volume Manager is free and there are no ads on the inside of the application, makes users feel comfortable and will have no trouble reaching whatever they want, because there are no annoying ads. With a small size and minimalist appearance, this application makes the best of the others in my opinion, because users will not be confused about looking for the existing menu. All menus are summarized in one section which can make it easier for users to organize everything. Here are some screenshots from Volume Manager.

Volume Manager App For Android Volume Manager App For Android Volume Manager App For Android Volume Manager App For Android

A very minimalist appearance and only takes up little memory won’t make any phone slow, because I’ve tried it myself on a phone with 256Mb of RAM and didn’t find it slow at all when played with the music player application. This application is devoted not only to cellphones that have damage to the volume buttons, but all cellphones can use them properly and avoid damaged volume buttons due to continuous use. In Volume Manager there is also a special widget that can be applied to the home screen, and make sure to install it on the Internal Memory so that the widget can run properly. To download please click on the banner below.


The Volume Manager application requires Android 2.2 and above, has a very small size, which is 800Kb. The rate of this application has reached 4.2, previously I saw a few months ago it was still 4 and now it has increased dramatically by installing Volume Manager. Some phones support widgets, but some cannot and this is due to different Android versions. However, there are options other than just widgets, namely Shorchut, its use is the same as widgets, only more minimalist or only in the form of icons. Download it now and minimize the use of volume buttons so there won’t be any crashes in the future.

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Hopefully useful and good luck

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