A124 FF Character Gets New Free Fire Buff March 2021

Originally posted on March 12, 2021 @ 5:53 PM

It turns out that now the A124 FF character is getting a new Free Fire Buff, this is one of the good news for you to receive. Because those who use the A124 character now, there are still many and of course that is pretty good news.

For that, you might end up liking the character as well. Because indeed after getting the latest Buff, surely the power given will be greater and increase according to what you use when competing later.

Well for now we have the presence of many new things with quite a lot of total. Even the presence of the OB26 Free Fire Update at that time, became one of the most popular appearances by many players because it was quite interesting.

Even in the update that happened yesterday, it turns out that A124 FF Character Gets a New Free Fire Buff which makes him strong enough to compete in new updates against overpowered characters for now.

A124 FF Character Gets New Free Fire Buff

Character Defense FF free fire

Every character present in this Free Fire game must have potential, now one of them is the character with the name A124. Where A124 is a character who turns out to have a relationship with a Cyborg or Android Robot which is quite sophisticated.

Even this character at the beginning of its release in the Free Fire game, became one that was quite meta to use. The problem is that this power that we can use, changes Energy Points into HP in a fairly short time.

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Of course the skills of the A124 character are indeed offensive or included in the Defensive section. Because when your blood is dying, then just use this character’s Active Skill and immediately change the Energy Point to HP in just a few seconds.

Your situation will become even more Fit, even later you will know if there is a new Buff experienced by this Character. The buff that appears is indeed not published by Garena, only this change will bring the A124 meta back.

Previously the skill of this character had a very long cooldown, from 150/140/130/120/100 seconds to be used when changing EP to HP. Even A124 is not good, because the skill CD is very long.

But after getting the Buff, finally the CD on this character’s Skill is reduced and is very good to use. From the latest cooldown too, you can use skills with 85/80/75/70/65/60 seconds CD acquisition.

The faster we use this skill, the faster the HP that you have lost will return intact like all of them. Moreover, this HP conversion has increased slightly, so eating a lot of mushrooms won’t make you a waste.

When the blood is dying, then just use this skill then your HP can return to whole to be like all. Our power and strength at the time of the match will be better than before because of this new Buff.

How? are you interested in using the A124 character? Just use it if you already have this character.

After knowing the A124 FF Character Gets a New Free Fire Buff, then players who like to use this character will be happy. The latest buff from A124 really affects the gameplay of all characters who use this skill.

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You can even find out the Jai Free Fire Character Buff, which has become a meta now. At first it was dregs, but now no one dares to face these characters when they are fought later.

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