A series of Ways to Avoid Enemy Attacks When Playing Free Fire (FF)!

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Being a game that currently has many players, Free Fire continues to strive to provide the best for its players. Various things were done to make it easier and create a fairer game.

Free Fire itself is a game in which players will be met with a number of other players and later will be required to kill each other in order to get the winning title.

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Of course, to be able to win a match, Free Fire players try hard to create strategies and take advantage of the various items and features available in Free Fire to make it easier for them to win.

Skills What each player has is also of course different from other players. Therefore, players must still be able to set playing strategies in order to defeat or avoid enemy attacks while playing.

For Buddy Booyah who needs a series of recommendations on how to avoid enemy attacks, see the review from Berita Booyah below.

Use Gloo Wall

Gloo Wall is indeed a very important item, even this one item is a bone of contention by every player. The reason is, the item is able to provide a protective wall automatically for players who use Gloo Wall.

That way, players will be calmer when carrying this one item and get hit by a sudden attack from the enemy. Players only need to use these items and later the shield wall will appear by itself. However, the shield did not last long and would be destroyed if it was continuously fired upon.

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Throw Smoke Grenade

New items, Smoke Grenade is an item that is still similar to Gloo Wall. This item can be found by players when playing in certain places. Different from Gloo Wall, this one item will emit smog when used.

Later players who use this item will be able to escape easily because the enemy’s view will be covered by the smog and of course it also eliminates the feature. auto aim which will benefit the users.

Entering the House or Building

Avoiding enemies by entering a house or building can also be done, Buddy Booyah. Buddy Booyah just need to run away and hide into a house or building to avoid enemy attacks.

The enemy will immediately lose you if you can escape into the house or building immediately and immediately move. Taking advantage of nearby houses and buildings will save you from enemy attacks.

Use Wukong Skill

Skills Free Fire (FF) characters also seem to play an important role when playing. One of skills The characters that Buddy Booyah can use are skills of character Wukong. With skills Wukong, Buddy Booyah can avoid enemy attacks.

later Wukong will turn into bushes automatically when used. By changing Wukong being a bush will make it difficult for players to steer aim towards you because it will turn off the feature auto aim.

Take advantage of the Chrono Skill

Not only skills of character Wukong, it seems that Free Fire also still has other characters that can be used skillsto dodge enemy attacks. Skills it is none other than skills character Chrono.

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Blessing skills which is owned Chrono players don’t have to worry too much about enemy attacks even if they are sudden. Because, Chrono will issue a protective circle that can block all kinds of attacks.

Enemies will not be able to attack players who are inside your circle of protection Chrono. Even so, players inside can still attack enemies outside. This will be very beneficial for users Chrono.

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