8 Teams That Qualified for Playoff PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) 2021

Here’s a list of 8 teams that made it through to the 2021 PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) playoffs, who’s there?

PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) 2021 will soon hold their tournament to the playoffs (Squad Wave 2).

The teams that have fought from day 1 to day 2 will clearly see who is the best in the playoffs later.

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Regarding this, SPIN Esports will give 8 teams that have successfully qualified for the PUBG Mobile National Championship 2021 playoffs!

  • NERO Team
  • FE Slayers
  • LXB Team
  • BCS Team
  • MT Esports
  • Erdita Team

Furthermore, they will all compete in the 2021 PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) playoffs in July 2021.

Which is broadcast live via PUBG Mobile Indonesia’s official YouTube or Nimo TV/PMPL ID.

Additional information for those of you who don’t know or have just heard of PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) 2021.

PMNC 2021
Source: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

This is the PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Competition, previously known as PINC, now renamed PMNC or PUBG Mobile National Championship.

This tournament is official from Tencent Games and will pit teams from each region in Indonesia to meet 8 teams that were relegated from PMPL ID Season 3.

So later on, 16 teams in the Grand Final will fight for 8 empty slots in PMPL ID Season 4.

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