7 Ways of High Mechanical Free Fire (FF)

Playing with high mechanics will indeed be profitable. But regarding the high mechanics of Free Fire (FF), there are many that are effective. Here may be able to help you can be even better.

Roughly speaking, Free Fire is because of the battle royale genre, it’s not that different from other BR games. The goal is the same, the basic mechanics are also not that much different. You can only feel a slight difference.

There are many things that you should pay attention to in Free Fire considering that this game has a lot of mechanics that need to be understood. If the basics are the same as shooting, movement, items, and others, Free Fire can be said to be deeper.

Of course, it is not easy to understand everything, so we will explain it easier for you too. This is based on my experience playing Free Fire which is also supported by other battle royale and shooter games.

Free Fire (FF) High Mechanical Ways

Here we will discuss for you the high mechanical method of Free Fire (FF). Of course, not everyone will feel this is effective because it will return to their respective players later.

Here are some ways to get the high mechanics of Free Fire (FF) that might help you;

Practice Your Aim

Of course, the most important thing is to train your aim. This is very important because basically a battle royale shooter game requires good aiming skills. You have to hone this skill.

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There are many ways to practice your aim, but the most important thing is to master all aspects which we will explain below. Later it will increase by itself.

Understand Character

In Free Fire, there are features that are different from other battle royales, namely characters. This character provides several positive things that you can use for your game and must be mastered.

It is recommended to focus on a few characters first. You play them and try their best weapons and their best way of playing. Slowly, if you are strong, change to another character.

Gloo Wall is Very Important

One more thing in Free Fire mechanics that is very important, you have to understand how Gloo Wall works. This one item can turn things around very easily if you can use it.

Gloo Wall can build temporary walls that you can use. In battle, proper use will be very advantageous. This requires very good gamesense.

Try Weapon Combinations

In Free Fire there are lots of weapons that you can use. All of these weapons also have their own advantages which can be a good thing for those of you who can use them.

With so many choices, of course there is the right combination. Well this depends on your character and playing style. For example, use long-range and close-range weapons or even all melee if you want to be aggressive.

Take Advantage of Positioning

Positioning is also something you can’t forget. Not infrequently many players lose duels or even lose easy battles because of the wrong position. You have to calculate and estimate also which places are effective.

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How to increase it is also relatively easy, but can’t be instant. You have to keep playing and understand how to play the most appropriate. Positioning is a basic that many players often forget.

Watch Pro Match

Don’t forget to watch the pro players often. This can help you to read how they play. This may be trivial, but the impact is huge.

Routine watching pro matches will help your gameplay. Learn how to play them as well as how pro players execute their games. This can improve your performance.

Keep Playing And Learn Mistakes

The last way is to keep playing. Yes, you just have to play regularly and don’t forget to learn your mistakes. Keep reviewing your game and think if there was anything better before.

This method is arguably effective and is one way for pro players to improve your game. In this way, it doesn’t take long for your gameplay to improve in terms of mechanics.

Those are some of the high mechanics of Free Fire (FF) that you might be able to use. Improve your skills and hone your mechanics so you can play better later. Nothing is instant, just keep playing at least to make it easier.

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