7 Mobile Legends Heroes Who Get Buffs (August 24, 2021)

This is a row of heroes who get buffs in the update that is coming on August 24, 2021 in the Mobile Legends game. As you know, in this update Moonton released a new hero named Aulus.

Of course, in addition to new heroes, there are also hero adjustments, then heroes who get nerfs to heroes who get buffs in the update. So that the latest update will bring a new meta which of course will be very interesting to play again.

So instead of being curious, here is a row of heroes who get buffs, especially in the patch note update released on August 24, 2021. Check out the full review below.

Mobile Legends Heroes Who Get Buffs (24 August 2021)

Here’s a row of heroes who get buffs in the patch note update released on August 24, 2021


Moonton will slightly increase Karina’s ability level in higher ranked matches while maintaining her current skill mechanism.

[Passive] ()

  • Cooldown Reduction for Skill 1 & 2:1s 1.5s

[Skill 1] ()

  • Base Damage: 160-260 180-255

[Ultimate] ()

  • Cooldown: 42-34s 34-26s


Mobile Legends Heroes Who Get Buffs (24 August 2021)

Basic damage on Passive abilities cannot be increased with hero level, Now in the upcoming update Moonton will make some adjustments, especially on Skill 2 Pharsa to attack more often.

[Passive] ()

  • Magic Power Bonus: 80% 100%

[Skill 2] ()


how to use valir mobile legends

As a Mage, Valir should be able to clear the lane faster. So he will get the latest buff which makes the first skill ability that will increase his clear wave ability.

[Skill 1] ()

  • New Effect: Killing Minions and Creeps with Skill 1 also gives a charge.


Alpha is very tough as an offlaner, so Moonton will give Alpha a little buff, especially on the attributes and abilities of both skills.

[Attribute] ()

  • Base Physical Defense: 20 25

[Skill 2] ()


Mobile Legends has a hero who is said to be very difficult to use.  Not many players can use this one hero well, because how to use it is quite difficult.  However, it turns out that this hero is a lower tier hero, not because he has bad skills, but because it is difficult to use.  Here we will discuss about heroes in Mobile Legends.  Each hero has their own level of difficulty with different mechanisms and combos to use.  Many players say that Fanny is one of the most difficult heroes in Mobile Legends.  In using skills, you must have the right timing and position in issuing skills.  That way, you can attack the enemy more precisely and effectively.  However, Fanny seems like the use of her skills is quite difficult in various aspects such as the enemy's position, the position of the wall, the direction of the skill that must be fired, and the timing is quite fast.  Fanny is one of the heroes who is said to be very difficult to use.  A skill that allows him to fly from one place to another, requires the right position and the right timing.  Not only that, his stamina is also quite difficult to maintain.  This makes it difficult to use.  However, it turns out that this hero is a lower tier assassin hero.  Maybe not because his skills are bad or weak, but the way he plays is quite situational.  Here we will discuss the reasons for Fanny to be a Lower Tier Assassin in Mobile Legend.  There are many reasons that make this hero a lower tier assassin.  If indeed this hero is in the lower tier, this hero still has great potential in the game.  The Reason Fanny Becomes a Lower Tier Assassin in Mobile Legends Fanny has a very unique way of playing.  He has a skill that can fly quickly using the cable from his skill.  if he hits an enemy, he will spin to deal damage to surrounding enemies.  This does sound easy, but it turns out that to be able to activate this skill he has to put the cable on the wall or tower.  Quite difficult to do especially with limited stamina.  He will be very strong when fighting enemies who are passive and don't have aggressive cc.  However, if Fanny is faced with an enemy with a strong CC such as stun or root, it will be very difficult for Fanny to fight back.  Fanny's way of playing is very situational and can't fight enemies easily when she has to face off in a wide area.  Weakness Fanny Fanny is very weak against enemies with strong cc.  Indeed he can run easily using his skills.  However, if he has been stunned by the enemy or locked down like the skills possessed by Franco or Chou, Fanny will find it difficult to run from them.  As discussed earlier, fanny is very difficult to get into teamfight.  If she used up too much stamina, Fanny couldn't use her skills to run anymore.  In addition, Fanny is very easy to do last hit or finish thanks to her ultimate skill.  Then, he is also very strong in fighting enemies in narrow places, or enemies who do not have cc skills.  That's info about the reason Fanny Becomes a Lower Tier Assassin in Mobile Legends.  Even so, this one hero is very strong against enemies who don't have cc skills.  Then, he can also fight enemies in the jungle well, because there is a narrow place to use skills.  Also Follow Our Social Media on my Esports Instagram!

Finally Fanny will get the latest buff in the Mobile Legends game, the buff is given to increase the damage output on her first skill, which will now be even more deadly.

[Skill 1] ()

  • Base Damage: 280-480 320-520
  • Total Physical Attack Bonus: 90% 80%


In this latest buff, Moonton changes Granger’s ultimate to be more flexible to adapt to different situations. So this attack can be stopped whenever the player wants if Granger is in an impossible situation.

[Ultimate] ()

  • Ultimate Granger can now be actively canceled, and the corresponding cooldown will be restored.
    In addition, when Granger is affected by advanced controls or is killed, Ultimate will also be disrupted and restore the appropriate cooldown.


[Skill 1] ()

  • Fixed an issue where the effective area of ​​the second taunt attack was smaller than the indicator.

So that’s all the heroes who will get a buff in the latest update on the upcoming August 24, 2021 update on the Mobile Legends game. From the list of updates above, which one is your favorite hero?

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