7 Free Fire (FF) Characters With the Best Unique Skills

Free Fire (FF) is one of the most popular battle royale games. This is evidenced by the number of downloads reaching more than 500 million on the Google PlayStore. Of that many, maybe most players don’t know which FF characters are the best and strongest.

This game allows players to explore with a number of unique characters. As we know that special characters can be one of the winning factors of the game, it’s no wonder that basic characters like Eve and Adam are rarely used in the Free Fire championship event, because these two characters do not have special skills like other characters.

Even though the reality is like that, as good as FF characters are, the best are still characters that can adapt to their playing style. Therefore, we created this article specifically for those of you who are looking for the best Free Fire character recommendations. What do you think? Let’s see below.

1. Kelly

kelly free fire (ff)
Photo: hdqwalls.com

Kelly came to Free Fire in early 2021. Like her appearance, Kelly is an athlete, she has universal skills that can benefit players.

His passive skill called Dash is able to move quickly, so he can escape from enemy attacks, or chase enemies, even reaching the safe zone is very easy.

To get Kelly’s character, players must get 20 booyah times and do 200 kill enemies in any mode.

2. Paloma

paloma free fire (FF)
Photo: wallpapercave.com

Not a few players have been looting for quite a long time. Usually they will look for war supplies as much as possible until the bag capacity is full.

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Yes, indeed looking for loot to improve weapons is good, but if you have too much your bag is filled with useless items.

However, that doesn’t apply to Paloma, because this character has skills that can carry AR bullets without reducing the slot, so you don’t have to worry about bag capacity.

Because of Paloma’s unique ability, not only can she pocket AR ammo, but she can pocket more grenades and first aid kits than other characters.

To get the Paloma character, players must first top up only 499 diamonds.

3. Raphael

rafael free fire (ff)
Photo: wallpapercave.com

For those of you who have played or at least are familiar with the Hitman game, you must be familiar with the appearance of this FF character.

Yes, Rafael is very similar to the character in Hitman. His appearance, which is like a secret agent, has an active skill called Dead Silent.

Of course this character is perfect for those of you who prefer the hiding style of play. Because Rafael’s skill can disappear from the minimap in a few seconds, that way you can do sniping without being caught by the enemy.

To get Rafel’s character, players must first top up 499 diamonds and Rafael’s bundle is priced at 2,500 diamonds.

4. Olivia

olivia free fire (FF)

Who wants to be injected with this beautiful nurse? There is not any? Okay, okay.

Behind her beautiful appearance, it turns out that Olivia is the best support in the FF game, you know. This character is very suitable for use in duo or squad modes.

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Olivia herself has a revive ability that can increase the player’s additional HP. Where when other friends focus on attacking the enemy, Olivia is ready to protect friends who are knocked down at any time.

This is the reason why Olivia is often encountered when playing a duo or squad. For those of you who want to have this FF support character, you must first top up 399 diamonds to buy it.

5. Hayato

hayato free fire (FF)
Photo: YouTube

If previously there was a support character, this time there is a tank named Hayato. He is one of the best FF characters because his skills are very useful for the team.

Hayato has a passive skill called Bushido, where when Hayato’s blood decreases, his armor penetration ability will increase. Previously, we discussed in the article the best FF character skills there, one of which was Hayato.

To have Hayato, players must top up first, this character is sold for 499 diamonds only.

6. Andrew

andrew free fie (FF)
Photo: wallpapercave.com

Andrew may be one of the characters who are already familiar to Free Fire fans in the world, especially in Indonesia. Because almost all players have used this FF character.

In addition, Andrew is also a character that is suitable for all players, even beginners. He has a skill called Armor Specialist, where the vest used by the player is not easily damaged.

If the player understands the skill and can use it. Then Andrew’s survival will be higher, he can even become an impromptu tank even though he uses low level armor, you know.

7. Moco

moco free fire (FF)

It doesn’t feel like entering the last list. In this order, we choose Moco as the best Free Fire character.

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Moco is very suitable for use in duo or squad mode. Not just a hacker-like appearance, but his skill called “Hacker’s Eye” can mark enemies that have been shot at.

That way the enemy’s position becomes easier to track, and you can ambush the target with other friends.

Now that’s the best FF character in 2021. Character and playing skills are important things to achieve victory. So, the characters above are only recommendations and there is no guarantee to always be booyah.

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