7 Best PUBG Android HD Game Recommendations in 2021

PUBG Mobile was released on February 9 2021. Although this game is relatively new, its popularity beats other games. And in this article we will discuss PUBGM-like games on Android.

Reportedly, the number of PUBG players has surpassed the number of people who have played Dota 2. Previously, PUBG was released for the PC platform in March 2021.

Thanks to its popularity, PUBG was finally released for the android platform and can be directly downloaded for free on the playstore.

Apart from being available for Android, PUBG Mobile was also released for iOS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game themed Battle Royale, we have to control the character who gets off the plane in an unknown area, who survives the longest, then is the winner.

PUBG Mobile, published by Bluehole, from South Korea, has been successful since the first time this game was released.

But did you know that there are other games similar to PUBG Mobile, you know, if you are bored with PUBG, this game is an alternative, what game is it? Curious?

Let’s look at the list of games that are similar to PUBG Mobile below.

Recommended Android Survival Games Similar to PUBG Mobile

We’ve collected some information about PUBG-like games, seven in total. Actually there are still many, but we chose the game as the best recommendation for you.

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Try it right now, all of them are cool and definitely fun!

7. Pixel’s Unknown Battleground

Even though the game has the exact same name as PUBG, the concept of this game is somewhat different. The difference is, the Pixel’s Unknown Battleground game uses graphic images that make this game not look real.

Although the Pixel’s Unknown Battleground game doesn’t have a look like PUBG, this game still has its own challenges for players.

In the gameplay, we are required to survive by getting rid of other players. Recorded on the PlayStore this game has been downloaded more than 10 million. Interested in trying it?

6. Still Alive: Survival PvP

The next PUBG-like game is Still Alive: Survival PvP. Before starting to fight with other players, you can choose a hero who has good survival skills.

So that the chosen hero is stronger, he can do crafting against other players. This game does not only rely on strong heroes, but requires a good strategy in order to win the game.

So how, are you interested in trying it?

5. Last Day On Earth: Survival

The Last Day On Earth game presents a slightly different survival concept from PUBG. The reason is, this game features zombie characters who can destroy the world.

This game teaches us to survive at all costs from the attacks of the zombies. To survive, we are assigned to build a house with makeshift materials.

In this game we are also required to hunt down animals that can be used as food supplies, and make several weapons that can be used as defense against zombies and for protection from other players who could infiltrate our homes.

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We recommend this game for you as an alternative to PUBG, because the concept presented is quite different. Anyway, it’s fun.

4. Battle Game Royale

Battle Game Royale has almost the same resemblance to PUBG. In this game we are required to survive in an arena.

Before the battle, all players will be scattered randomly in an area using a parachute. From that area players start looking for weapons and other equipment to use against other players.

3. Last Battleground: Survival

Another PUBG-like game is Last Battleground. This game teaches us to think hard how to survive.

In the game, the last player to survive wins. What makes this game interesting is not only the concept of survival. But the battle between players from each team.

2. Free Fire: Battlegrounds

You know the Free Fire game or what is often called FF? Yups, this game presents the same gameplay as PUBG. Even rumors that the Free Fire game is a rival to PUBG.

The concept of the game is to place you on an island that only contains other players. When you start to disembark from the plane using a parachute, you can choose the place where you will land.

After that, you have to find the best weapons and equipment to survive the opponent’s attacks. Whoever survives is the winner.

The Free Fire game has a large area map with good graphics. Interested in trying it?

1. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is a battle royale game that is really similar to PUBG. In the game, we have to survive from 120 players in one map.

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You can feel the sensation when playing this game, because the gameplay is almost real with the best graphic quality.

This Rules of Survival game map has an area of ​​8x8km, you can play it with friends, you can also solo. Anyway, this game is the best. We highly recommend this game as an alternative to PUBG.

How, interested to try it?

That’s a list of recommended battle royale-themed games that have the exact same concept as PUBG. Hopefully this article can help you to find recommendations for the best games like PUBG.

Of all the games mentioned above, which game do you think is the best? Share your opinion through the comments.

Wait for the next android game recommendation article from us. Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts to get the latest information about games.

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