6 Best Free Fire (FF) Vehicles Suitable for Push Rank

Hello guys, greetings to meet again with Hobigame.id in the Free Fire article. In this discussion, we want to review some of the best vehicles suitable for push rank FF.

As we know, in this battle royale game made by Garena, there are a number of vehicles that you can use to surround the map to find enemies or want to go to the intended location.

However, of the many vehicles in FF, there are only a few that are the best. For example in terms of speed and strong resistance.

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Therefore, allow us to provide a list of the best FF vehicle recommendations that are suitable for push rank. The vehicle can certainly help you to protect yourself or be used as a killing tool.

If you’re interested, there’s nothing wrong with taking about five minutes to find out what vehicles are good in FF. Let’s see more below.

1. Lamborghini Gold

gold lamborghini car ff

What’s the fastest car in FF? Then the answer is Lamborghini Gold. Using the fastest vehicle is an advantage for players. Because, you can move to where you want. Especially for chasing enemies who are trying to escape.

Actually this car is a skin from a sports car, but maybe with this skin, players will feel a different sensation.

To get this car, at least you have to top up first for 1000 diamonds.

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2. Sports Cars

sports car ff

Still discussing the fastest vehicle in FF. The next recommendation is a sports car, where this car has an elegant design with a charming black color.

The sports car does have a high speed, but for its own resistance is quite weak. Although the car can go fast, but if you are not alert to the enemy shooting at you, it will explode easily.

This car can carry 2 players and is very suitable for use in ranked mode.

3. Pickup Truck

pickup truck car - ff vehicle

If you are looking for a vehicle that has endurance and mediocre speed, then a pickup truck is the answer.

We often encounter this type of car in several areas, especially in country houses. Even though it has standard HP, this pickup truck is quite helpful for players.

You can use the car as a killing tool or just for a walk. In addition, the pickup truck can also carry 2 players, and is quite suitable for push rank.

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4. Jeep Car

jeep car - ff vehicle

After a lot of discussing the fastest FF car. Now we discuss the strongest car. Yes, who else if not a Jeep car.

The Jeep car is not as fast as a pickup truck, but it has a strong resistance among others. Jeep is also very suitable for use in ranked mode. Because, this car is able to carry 4 players at once.

That way you can go for a walk to find enemies in various areas in the Free Fire game.

5. Motorbike

motor bike - ff vehicle

The vehicles available on Free Fire are indeed dominated by four-wheeled vehicles. This seems to be an advantage for players who are in a hurry, because they can explore various cities at the same time.

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However, for those of you who like to play solo, don’t worry. Because in this game there is also a vehicle in the form of a motorcycle that can be ridden by only one player.

In terms of durability, it is low, but this motorcycle is able to take you to ride anywhere, including down small streets. For own speed, the motorcycle has a max speed of 60.

6. Tuk Tuk or Bajaj . car

ff bajaj kendaraan vehicle

Just like a pickup truck. This Tuk Tuk car, which is similar to a bajaj, is often found in various places. Despite having low resistance and speed, the Tuk Tuk car is able to protect players from enemy attacks.

If you rely on this Tuk Tuk car as your main vehicle, then we don’t recommend it. But if you use this car for sightseeing or looking for a better vehicle than it, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

We’re not saying this car is bad, NO. But it’s just not suitable if used as the main vehicle, let alone used in ranked mode, because there are many other vehicles that are better.

So, those are the 6 best vehicles for push ranked FF season 20. Each vehicle certainly has its advantages and disadvantages.

Keep in mind, the recommendations above are just opinions. If you have an opinion or other opinion about the FF vehicle, you may submit it to us via email or Hobigame.id social media account.

Permanent stay tuned Yes, because there are still many Free Fire articles that we haven’t discussed.

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