6 Best Angel Free Fire (FF) Bundles Right Now

Free Fire is a game that has several cosmetics to beautify yourself when playing games. Well, this time there is a Bundle Angel Free Fire (FF) that you can get to beautify yourself.

The Angel Free Fire (FF) bundle itself is a bundle that is obtained by going through events and buying it with diamonds. However, this bundle is not a limited edition bundle like the zombie bundle.

Therefore, players can have this Angel Free Fire (FF) Bundle freely without having to get it hard compared to other rare bundles.

However, there are some angelic FF bundles that are very rare to get, they are called angelic pants bundles. This bundle is just pants but it is very rare to get.

List of the best Angel Free Fire (FF) Bundles at the moment

The following are recommendations for angel free fire (FF) bundles which according to news are the best in the available angel bundles:

Angelic Pants

  Bundle Angel Free Fire (FF)

The first bundle in the best angel bundles is angelic pants. Even though it’s just a pair of pants, it’s very hard to get.

This bundle is only in the form of trousers which is different from other bundles which are complete with top accessories.

Even so, this bundle is a favorite among other bundles, apart from being rare, this bundle is often used by famous YouTubers in Brazil and Indonesia.

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Bundle Wings Free Fire (FF)

Well, the second one is none other than a free fire (FF) angel bundle which is just a free fire wing.

This bundle, according to your experience playing Kabargokil, you can’t wear other clothes, but you can change your pants when playing with this angel bundle.

Well, this bundle also has levels where each level will change shape according to the level you have achieved.

Summer Angel Free Fire (FF)

The third bundle is the summer angel bundle. Yep, this bundle is dominated by blue, what’s more, this bundle is complete with all its accessories, this is different from the two angel bundles above.

This bundle has two versions, namely the male version and the female version which you can get at the event. It’s just that, you have to spend a bit expensive to get this summer angel free fire bundle.

Free Fire Rapper Bundle

  Bundle Angel Free Fire (FF)

Who is not familiar with this bundle?, the bundle that was first introduced by a free fire youtuber and became his trademark in playing.

This bundle is indeed very rare and you can only get it during the event. The frequency of the event itself is erratic and you can’t predict it, usually you can get this rapper’s bundle at the beginning of the year.

However, unfortunately, for these years, Kabargokil cannot tell you when this bundle will be released again. You can wait for the latest event from Garena which you can see on your ingame event tab.

Bundle Dino Angel FF

The dino bundle itself is a bundle that does exist once a year and is published by Garena Free Fire.

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However, for this dino angel free fire bundle, we can’t guess. So far, this bundle has been published in the last 2 years, which is after the Easter/Wonderlands event.

This bundle is very expensive for you to get directly, this is because you have to do gacha with a lot of diamonds.

Therefore, we put the dino angel bundle into a very expensive bundle in free fire so far.

Bundle Angel Devil Loot FF

Different from other angel bundles, this bundle has a yellow base color, whereas angel bundles usually have a neon blue base. Well, the concept of this angel bundle is a concept as a fairy in the free fire game.

Players can get this bundle by buying it at the shop, buying several packs that you can get this bundle. Of course, the price is cheaper than the dino bundle.

As long as you can get it at the shop, you can get this bundle at any time, so you don’t have to worry about preparing your diamonds if you are interested in this bundle.

Well, those are some of the bundles that according to news are the best for you to get and collect in the Garena free fire game. Are you interested in owning this bundle, or do you already have one? Continue to follow Instagram, you’re welcome

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