5 Ways to Overcome Blind Spot Free Fire (FF)

Here’s How to Overcome Blind Spot Free Fire (FF), of course something like that will indeed be a big influence for you to try later.

Because you have to continue to be able to keep an eye on the Blind Spot, so that later you won’t have many problems when competing.

We ourselves can know that for now, there are lots of interesting terms that can be used very well too.

As long as you can overcome the enemy from this position, then there will be nothing difficult for you to do when you compete later.

Especially for now, you really have to know what a blind spot is in Free Fire so it’s not difficult to tell the difference.

Especially with those of you who know terms like this, the chances of not getting backstab are bigger than before too.

Now you also have to know first what is called How to Overcome Blind Spot Free Fire (FF), it’s easy and fast for you to feel now.

Curious? see the explanation in the article below.

How to Overcome Blind Spot Free Fire (FF)

Always Keep an Eye on MiniMap

This minimap is one of the important things for you to use, of course it is used to monitor the surrounding situation later.

Moreover, to keep an eye on a MiniMap like this, it reduces our potential later in being hit by an attack within a Blind Spot distance like that too.

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You can keep an eye on this Minimap, so that there are no more enemies that can make the situation completely change as well.

You must always be careful, if you are dealing with enemies right now.

Looking Back Sometimes

In this Free Fire game, there must be something called Sensitivity to be able to see the surroundings quickly and easily.

Well of course something like this is quite necessary to use, in such a case now there is a chance to be more easily saved too.

So those of you who really want to play it safe and don’t get hit by the Blind Spot like this, you have to do that later.

Because by taking advantage of such a hindsight, we can make this Blind Spot less dangerous as well.

Pay attention to the Damage Indicator

If you guys have time to make the enemy can use the Blind Spot, surely they will attack and deal damage to us.

Of course, with an information indicator that tells you where the enemy is, you can use it to avoid a lot of Blind Spots.

Here you have to be able to have good reflexes to be able to do things like that.

Because if you take a long time in reflex to be attacked the first time, of course that makes it difficult for you to compete.

Always Communicating with the Team

If you are friends with friends, try to be able to communicate with the team, so that later we will lose at all.

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Always provide information that you can see at close range, because this can help Teams with an open Blind Spot position to be more secure.

We can tell you where the enemy is, and make friends to always be alert too later.

Using UAV Lite

If in this Free Fire game there is a normal UAV, now it turns out that there is another UAV Lite that can be used by the player.

Later, you must install the UAV Lite item towards the back, so that no one can attack the Blind Spot.

Then for the UAV Lite itself, you have to be careful and don’t waste it too much.

Use it sparingly.

After knowing How to Overcome Blind Spot Free Fire (FF), then later you have to be more careful with that, okay.

Because of the position in overcoming the Blind Spot like this, it will make us and the team safer when competing later.

Not only that, you can also find out how to get a free Magic Cube on Free Fire which is very good and useful right now.

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