5 Tips to Speed ​​Up the Process of Charging Android Phones

5 Tips to Speed ​​Up the Process of Charging Android Phones

Charging or charging an Android phone can’t be done in a rough way. There are always rules to make it effective and the battery lasts a long time and doesn’t drop. Normally the charging process usually takes time approximately 2 hours with original charger. But it can actually be improved again to be faster.

In contrast to mobile phones that already have features fast charging which only takes 1 hour to wait for the battery to be completely full. As for phones that don’t have the feature, they can only use what they are to speed up the process.

Here will be shared some tips to speed up the process of charging / charging on all Android phones. This is perfect for those of you who feel that they have waited a long time for the charging process to finish completely.

1. Turning off the cellphone while the charging process takes place

When the phone is off (power off), there won’t be any background apps running, in which case the system is completely focused on charging. It’s different if the phone is on, sometimes we don’t know how many applications are currently running. Examples such as the application synchronization process chat which takes place many times per minute.

In addition, this can also maintain the stability of the battery so that its ability does not decrease. It’s very different if the cellphone is used while charging, of course that’s not a good thing to do. Because it can cause overheating.

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2. Set As Airplane Mode

If you don’t want to turn off your phone, it’s a good idea to set it as airplane mode. This will prevent the reduced consumption of the SIM card standby process. In fact, the SIM card standby process is the one that drains the battery the most. So by enabling this, the charging rate will increase even more than before.

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3. Disabling Any Connectivity

Apart from just disabling Airplane Mode, you also have to make sure that the phone is not currently turning on any connectivity such as networks WiFi nor Bluetooth, because it also affects charging.

Because if it is not disabled, the phone system will perform a continuous network scan. And this slows down the charging rate to less than the maximum.

4. Using Fast Charging Apps

By using this application, you no longer need to do the 3rd method because it can be done with one click on the Fast Charging application. There are many superior features, one of which is being able to stop applications that are in the background.

Overall, if you want to start charging the phone, just open this app and tap on the button Optimize and if finished please connect the charger to the cellphone. Now your phone has received additional acceleration in charging.

Interested in trying the app? Please download Fast Charging on Play Store.

5. Buying a New Charger

Do you think the charger that is used now is still not satisfactory? If so, it looks like it’s time for a new charger. Many quality chargers are provided and have greater capabilities than your original charger now.

And as a suggestion, buy a charger 2.4 Ampere because of course it’s 2x faster than 1.0 Ampere. But if your phone already supports the features fast charging, it’s a good idea to buy a 3.0 Ampere charger so that charging is maximized.

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Do some of the tips above and surely the process of charging or charging the battery will be faster than usual. It is highly recommended to apply the first tips because they are more effective, while the last tips (buy) are considered as an alternative if all methods still do not improve.

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If you have any questions or maybe you have other tips to speed up the charging process on Android phones, please share them in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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