5 Tips to Become an Easy Smurf in Free Fire (FF)

You may have to know 5 Tips to Become an Easy Smurf in Free Fire (FF), because this is one of the things that is quite interesting. Even including as a Smurf player, it’s not a wrong choice and you can get even better ones later.

Especially when it comes to Ranks that are present in this game now, maybe this is a good choice. It’s just that players who use a Smurf Account, must sometimes make it difficult for you to rank up in this game now.

Just understand first What is a Free Fire Smurf Account, because once you know it, you will understand it even more and be curious about it. Because doing Smurfing like this is not a big problem, even just for refreshing and making the mind calm again while playing.

Then immediately follow 5 Tips to Become an Easy Smurf in Free Fire (FF), you may find it easier to compete. Because there are several things we must do first, so that later Smurfing doesn’t do it wrong.

Tips to Become an Easy Smurf in Free Fire (FF)

Must Have Small Account

So, for the first time, you have to have a Small Account, at least if you want to Smurf it is Bronze Silver. Because it’s the earliest requirement if you want to Smurf at that rank, you have to use a small account and it’s not infrequently used too.

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All you have to do is log in to the account, then play solo rank against players in Bronze or Silver. Of course, this is one of the right opportunities, so that later you can enjoy real Smurfing and win easily.

Tips to become an easy smurf in Free Fire is a minimum of platinum rank and above

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The nest in the Smurfing is in Bronze, Silver or Gold Rank which we often see. So, if you want to do this, for example, you have to reach Platinum Rank first so you know how to play now.

So that you can also start to understand the game that will happen, so it won’t be too difficult against the Bronze – Gold rank player. Because there are not a few Smurfing players who still lose, even at a relatively low Rank right now.

Can Understand Playing Situations

5 Tips to Become an Easy Smurf in Free Fire (FF)

You guys will play using a Smurf account, also understand the movement and playing situation when facing opponents later. Because we can only fight other Smurf players, even they are much better ways to win in that match.

Let’s just make it easier, so that you too will not experience deep difficulties when dealing with enemies in this position.

You have to get used to the same low-key character

5 Tips to Become an Easy Smurf in Free Fire (FF)

Not all Smurf Account owners are sultans, they may only have a few characters that can be used on their accounts. Because there are not too many characters, it means you have to get used to it first.

So that later you can win more easily, even just using characters that are not too Meta or difficult to fight enemies right now.

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Tips to become an easy smurf in Free Fire is not to underestimate the enemy

5 Tips to Become an Easy Smurf in Free Fire (FF)

Even if you use a Smurf Account and play casually, of course conditions like this don’t allow underestimating the enemy. Because you might even lose, even being slaughtered by the original Bronze player.

Always focus when competing, so that later against the enemy you don’t have to worry about losing or winning. Of course playing relaxed too, we definitely want to feel the victory or the top 10.

After you know 5 Tips to Become an Easy Smurf in Free Fire (FF), then Smurfing won’t be too difficult either. Because in the future you will face enemies more easily, not even too complicated to deal with all of them.

Also understand the Tips for Becoming a Free Fire Pro Player, so that later you will not have difficulties when facing enemies of any rank.

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