5 Tips To Avoid Stolen Kill Free Fire (FF)

Here are 5 Tips for Killing Free Fire (FF), you must be able to do it so that later you won’t be trashed by friends. Because of the position for things like this too, enemies or friends can indeed take the opportunity to do so.

So you must always be vigilant when competing later, so that there will be no more things that the players miss too. Because it’s the position of Kill that got stolen, it could make us short of XP because we have a total kill that is a little competitive.

But for 5 Tips for Killing Steal Free Fire, of course you can and it’s a fairly easy way for you to do it. In fact, we will also receive many good opportunities, so that we can win if we do this.

But still use 5 Tips to Kill Free Fire (FF), so that the target you are after will not be killed by someone else.

5 Tips To Avoid Stolen Kill Free Fire (FF)

Kill First

If you see a target in attack, then do whatever it takes to defeat it immediately. If you want to continue to give an attack, so that the enemy we fought earlier can immediately die and be killed.

We do this so that the enemy does not steal Kill, because we will also not be aware when the enemy comes and does this. Even for friends, maybe you will experience the same if your friends attack them when you knock them.

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Headshot as much as possible

If you want to kill, then you must be able to do a headshot on every attack to paralyze the enemy. But it’s also a position to be calm, you need to practice aiming so that you continue to do headshots.

Opportunities like this will not be able to get the enemy, because those who want to steal kills will no longer be able to. Because the conditions that you will receive, can feel very strong and maybe you can immediately kill.

Hit Enemy

Want to die instantly but don’t get killed by other players? Let’s use Vehicles so we can do this now. Other players will not be able to steal kills at this rate, because the collision position will immediately make the enemy lose.

But still be careful, because the enemy could already be in a position to attack us in this vehicle.

Gloo Wall Friends

If you play with friends or random squads, of course you can make traps for friends so they can’t get out later. You have to do this, when you succeed in making the enemy Knock.

So that the friend can’t do Last Hit on the enemy, then just use this method so that later you don’t get Kill at all. It’s just that it takes 1-3 Gloo Walls, so you can do it and of course it can happen very well.


Since most of the Kills that are stolen are from a long distance, of course you can do it from close range now. So that the kills that will be obtained include those that are safe from other players.

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But the risk of doing something like this does exist, still be careful when trying it so it’s not too difficult. If we make the wrong move, chances of survival will be lost.

After you know 5 Tips to Kill Free Fire (FF), then use this opportunity to do it. Because of the stolen Kill, it will give the enemy a superior chance and your friends to do it.

Because this is from the term Kill Steal Free Fire, then you have to be careful and don’t let this happen. Maybe there will be some other conditions, to make it easier for you if you want to win.

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