5 Tips to Avoid Rage Quit Free Fire (FF) A la Kabargokil

Keep the 5 Tips to Avoid Rage Quit Free Fire (FF), because you will probably understand and not do that while playing. Because Rage Quit will also have a big enough problem, because of points or there are more violations and penalties.

Even for now, there are still some things that we can apply so that we don’t do bad things in the competition later. Because there are some things that really cause players to do Rage Quit, because there are some annoying things.

First understand what Rage Quit Free Fire (FF) means, because this is a term that is really important for other players to understand more. They can know how to overcome or not to do it, so as not to harm later.

Moreover, for 5 Tips to Avoid Rage Quit Free Fire (FF), you should probably know it now. So that later do not do this because it is very detrimental.

5 Tips to Avoid Rage Quit Free Fire (FF)

Play When Conditions Calm

The condition of the heart when playing the Free Fire game must also be calm, so that you are not easily triggered by emotions when you meet a random squad or lose to an enemy. Because the conditions are hot or less comfortable, it can quickly trigger the so-called emotion.

Instead of playing, the conditions are calm, so you don’t get angry and leave the game on purpose. Especially for conditions like this, of course you will find it easier to think clearly to be able to win.

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Mabar With Friends

Try if you don’t want to Rage Quit, you can stay with the friends you have often played with. Because this position will also show your nature, your friends can understand it, so playing will definitely continue to show a serious feeling.

Whether you win or lose, maybe you won’t respond to the problem because your friends know how to play each. But at least they played right, even if they lost it wouldn’t be too embarrassing.

Tips for Avoiding Rage Quit Free Fire (FF) Playing Solo But Safely

Your position is still not good, try to play Solo but choose a safe path to play so you don’t lose quickly. Avoid battles that you think are difficult for us to do, it’s better to play it safe and keep rotating but always hiding.

Only then can you get out and maybe you can be more flexible to start, because the enemy positions are few and you don’t have to worry anymore. Just focus on the remaining enemies, for you to face later.


If you can’t or feel that everything is not good, then it’s better to just take a break and don’t play the Free Fire game first. So that you don’t think about the losing rank too much, later it will feel normal again.

Then try to watch Youtube or anything that makes your heart happy, so that later when you play again it won’t be rage Quit.

Training Mode

If you feel like calming down or just Rage Quit, just play in Training Mode and Social Zone later. So that it can make you relieve stress and calm down, even this will make you reduce your rage quit too.

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If the mind is calm, then you can start playing again and don’t be too angry to quit because it can lead to things that are not very pleasant.

After you know 5 Tips to Avoid Rage Quit Free Fire (FF), especially for those things that help you regulate your emotions too. So that in the future you will not avoid it, so you can keep playing safely later.

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