5 Tips to Avoid Getting Killed Early in the Game When Playing FF

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The main goal of each player is of course to achieve victory, namely by eliminating all opponents and getting Booyah as often as possible. But for some players, sometimes it becomes very difficult to achieve.

Sometimes because of the small mistakes they make, causing them to be quickly killed and eliminated even before reaching the End-Zone that determines the end of a game.

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Therefore, this time we will discuss some tips to avoid this while playing Free Fire. Let’s see the explanation below

Don’t Drop Too Far When Playing Squad

When playing with a squad, many players often try to move alone, with the aim of getting more loot or kill easily. Making them also more vulnerable to sudden enemy attacks.

Unfortunately, actions like this can also have a big impact on the balance of the team, not only because of the loss of one of the players, but also the difficulties your squad has to face when it comes to saving you in the event of a knock or elimination.

Forcing Chasing the Enemy Is Not Always Good

One of golden rule so as not to die when playing solo is “never chase your opponent at the beginning of the game” if you are caught seeing an enemy running away, then the safest option you can take is of course to let them go.

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Pursuing fleeing opponents will only be a waste of time, reducing your time to collect loot and supplies which exists.

Avoid Blue Zone

It is undeniable, Blue Zone is one way to get a lot of kills at the beginning of the game, but of course this is very risky because if you make a wrong move, you might be eliminated before you can use it.

Know Conditions and Back Off When In Losing Condition

When facing an opponent and losing, then the easiest and safest way you can do to stay alive is to retreat and return to a safe area as quickly and as well as possible.

Of course by not wasting your MedKit and Gloo Walls while doing it. Those are some tips so you don’t get killed early in the game. Hope it helps and best regards, Booyah!

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