5 Tips to Avoid Free Fire (FF) Area of ​​Effect Attacks

Players can know 5 Tips to Avoid Free Fire (FF) Area of ​​Effect Attacks, so that later your chances to play are even easier. It will even feel more comfortable and peaceful, because you managed to master the match without losing.

Moreover, for now there are still some interesting events that we can know, even some updates that affect how to play. Because yesterday we just had several characters present, maybe you should try this right now.

You must first understand what the Free Fire Area of ​​Effect is, so that avoiding this attack or using it is very easy. Not only that, you also probably won’t find it difficult at all, if you follow and know some of the right ways to play.

So you should see 5 Tips to Avoid Free Fire (FF) Area of ​​Effect Attacks, maybe you will feel happy to try it. Because it can help movement, and avoid dangerous attacks.

Check out the information directly in the article now.

5 Tips to Avoid Free Fire (FF) Area of ​​Effect Attacks

Use Chrono

The first recommendation for this news is Chrono, one of the 43 Free Fire characters and the most meta at the beginning of its release in the game. Has a skill that can give you protection, a shield in the shape of a large dome neutralizes damage.

Of course, enemies who attack using Area of ​​Effect will not be able to take effect, because Chrono’s ability to protect. You have to try it, to be safer and not be hit by a deadly attack from the Area of ​​Effect.

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Use Obstacle

One of the features that we can use in the Free Fire game is Obstacle, of course those of you who use this feature will feel safer. Even the abilities of the Obstacle can deal damage, even from attacks that the enemy inflicts with an Area of ​​Effect.

There’s no need to worry if you’ve used this, because you won’t have any trouble and stay safe until the enemy approaches. But if someone threatens you, just run away.

Gloo Wall

Then you can use an item called Gloo Wall, because this feature can protect the player from deadly or long-distance attacks. Even an attack like an Area of ​​Effect like this won’t work either, because the gloo wall itself has a strong defense.

It’s just that you have to be able to have a lot, even the enemy will not give up on destroying the Gloo Wall. If it doesn’t last much longer, you can just attach some parts of the plan such as running.

Crushed Vehicle

Although the damage may still be a little bit, but the strings for vehicles that have been destroyed can provide a stronger Defend. Even an Area of ​​Effect attack won’t have a big effect, but you still have a big risk.

You have to be careful and don’t be careless in attacking the enemy, let alone their very strong Area of ​​Effect attack. Maybe we can use this opportunity to take cover.

Smoke Grenade

To distract the enemy when attacking you, let’s try to just use the Smoke Grenade to escape first. Because the Damage from the Area of ​​Effect is so large, it can even make our position known.

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So use Smoke Grenade to escape, so that the enemy can’t see or chase you because of this event.

After knowing 5 Tips to Avoid Free Fire (FF) Area of ​​Effect Attacks, then use them to be safer when playing. Because of your ability to deal with enemies too, it might make the flow of the game easier.

Then you can use what is called Tips for Using the Free Fire Area Of Effect, so that = can fight back = give the same attack. Surely the enemy you are fighting will be afraid, even doing a protection too.

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