5 Tips for Hold Position Free Fire (FF)

To make it easier, you must know Tips for Doing Hold Position Free Fire (FF) which are quite easy to try later.

Because indeed by doing a strategy like this, it will help you to benefit greatly in the match without having to be afraid of losing easily.

That way you won’t find it difficult anymore, to be able to face the enemy and win this match.

Because by taking advantage of these Hold Position Tips, it will provide one thing that helps you to be able to win when your opponent is currently fighting.

Not only that, you also need to understand what Obstacle Free Fire is that can be used when competing against enemies.

By doing something like this, it will definitely become easier and you won’t find it difficult to face the rankings.

So let’s understand directly the Tips for Doing Hold Position Free Fire (FF), this will make the chances of winning bigger.

Check out the article below now.

5 Tips for Holding Position Free Fire (FF)

Search First Infobox

If you go down early in this match, then the first thing is to look for the very important Infobox.

Where things like this will help, because the Free Fire Infobox will provide information on where the safe zone will appear now.

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Without having to be confused anymore in overcoming enemies in the safe zone, if you have managed to take advantage of the Hold Position.

Conditions like this can be called a player, will create a pretty good defensive condition to win.

Loot is the main target

After you already know where the Safe Zone is, then just go straight to Looting battle items that will support you playing.

That way your position in a strategy like this, will definitely be easy to overcome because you have prepared from the beginning.

Especially for a Main Target like this, it will definitely help you to be able to go longer and safer to the new Zone later.

Once in the safe zone, you can immediately loot again items that are much better because the initial ones are like temporary items.

Find a place when the first zone is about to disappear

Then look for a safe place, to get through the period of the first Zone, which will disappear because the first Zone has been found.

During this process there will indeed be many players entering the Zone, so your position will be threatened as well.

Therefore you must maintain this position, so that later it is not easily defeated by the enemy.

So the safe place that you get, can be a determinant for the future as well.

Always Rotate Towards the Zone

The Hold Position doesn’t just happen in one place, but you have to do a rotation to get to the safe zone or inside the zone.

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So that things like this can make your position safer, even later when you meet an enemy, you just have to choose whether you want to fight directly or not.

Because doing the Hold Position, you must also pay attention to your position which can be dangerous.

It’s better if your opponent is not ready to fight, of course you can immediately withdraw from the match.

Take Advantage of Obstacles and Defenses While In the Last Zone

If you are in the last zone, of course you have to use Obstacle Free Fire first to make it easier to compete later.

When it is so Hold Position is difficult to do, so with a defense like this should be used as well as possible.

If there’s still an obstacle, you can use it to survive and if there isn’t, you have to use Gloo Wall.

After knowing the Tips for Doing Hold Position Free Fire (FF), then this must be used properly by the players as well.

If you want to win, you have to use the same Hold Position, so that later your game will have no difficulty at all.

That way, you can also try Tips to Become a Pro Player on Free Fire to make it easier to deal with enemies without any difficulties.

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