5 Safe Ways to Buy Items Online

5 Safe Ways to Buy Items Online

Shopping online may be considered as a dangerous thing for a person. Because the distance is very far and the risk of fraud. Of course it can happen, but there are several things that can be used to anticipate this and prevent ourselves from being deceived when buying something online.

The internet is also like a second life, where everything depends on our identity. There is a policecybercrime) which protects and also helps solve problems that occur. That way the user should not be afraid to buy goods online as long as the user knows the identity and location of the seller.

What scares a person, is a cheater nowadays have different ways so for ordinary people it will be difficult to think of him as a fraud or not. But here I will give some ways to avoid these fraudsters and all user activities in buying goods online will remain safe.

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1. Shop Only on Popular Sites

This is the single best way to prevent fraud. Examples of popular buying and selling sites are Bukalapak, Tokopedia, and Lazada. These sites already have an anti-fraud system so that buyers and sellers will not be harmed.

So for example a user wants to buy something from an online friend, first ask if he has an account on one of those popular sites, so that the transaction will be made from that website to make it more secure.

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2. Ensure the Site Uses a Secure Connection

When a user browses the site and wants to buy the item to be selected, first make sure that Address Bar which indicates that the site is using a secure connection or not. Usually there is a green icon next to the URL.

Or at least, users can change the URL from the prefix HTTP Becomes HTTPS. This is used to prevent eavesdropping on data written on the website, for example filling in credit card information or others.

3. Use Personal Device

Using personal devices when used to make transactions feels more secure instead of borrowing a friend’s device or other people for example in the cafe. Again that this refers to data theft.

Sometimes someone neglects not to logout or exit after making a transaction so that someone else (device owner) can spend the money until it runs out on the account.

4. Using the Account System

RekBer stands for Joint Account. So there is one person as “security service” to ensure that the goods have been received by the buyer and the money will be channeled to the seller. But if the goods are not received, the money will not be distributed to the seller until the goods are successfully received by the buyer.

Usually this is often used to process individual transactions, not from a website. And as the best advice from me is to choose an experienced RekBer service, for example, P-Store. That way all transactions will be safe and no one will be harmed.

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5. Don’t Give Too Much Information

Smart sellers usually don’t need a lot of information like KTP and KK. Even if they do not trust the buyer, then the RekBer system must be implemented to make it more secure.

As buyers, we think about whether the seller can be trusted or not, therefore it is better not to provide ID or Family Card information for privacy reasons. Because in the ID card there is an important NIK and if it falls into the wrong hands, of course it can be misused.

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There are always people who are deceived every month on the internet because of their own negligence. There are also big-time con artists who have unique ways of deceiving someone. But I can guarantee that, if users apply the method above, they will definitely not be deceived and shopping online can be more fun.

Maybe some of the tips above are not much, but they can be used to prevent users from experiencing unwanted things when shopping online. And if users have tips other than the above, please put them in the comments.

Hopefully useful and happy shopping

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