5 Reasons Dimitri Will Be Favorite Free Fire (FF) Player

Here are 5 reasons Dimitri will become a Free Fire (FF) Player’s Favorite, maybe that’s what might be interesting for you to know now. Because there are several things that help players, so they can know if Dimitri’s character will be the Favorite or not.

Because we can also find out some things that you probably won’t miss, all information about characters or events. Everyone present in the game might help you, so you can find out some pretty exciting new things.

In fact, you will also know new things such as the Thiva Free Fire Character Combination, for sure the new character will look strong enough again. Because the combination that is related to Support, will make the team have no difficulty when doing Revive.

You also want to know 5 reasons Dimitri will become a Free Fire (FF) Player’s Favorite, so that many of these characters will be used later.

The Reason Dimitri Will Be A Free Fire (FF) Player’s Favorite

Heal Ability

First and certainly many will make it a Favorite, because it has a Skill related to the correct Healing Effect. Some even say that Dimitri’s Healing is much better than Alok’s, but you will see the difference too.

If Dimitri’s Heal Ability can’t be carried away at all, when you want to heal then you have to stay in the heal area. But you will receive a lot of HP, it’s even better to be able to maintain Location.

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Famous DJ

5 Reasons Dimitri Will Be the Favorite of Free Fire (FF) Players

It’s no wonder, for example, that Dimitri is a Favorite Character, because we know that Dimitri and Thiva are the World’s No. 2 DJs in 2021. They are both included in the Free Fire game, even quite a lot of players are breathing heavily with them.

The initial appearance of Dimitri and Vegas was present in Rampage 3.0, but now they both appear on 4nniversary Free Fire. Both of them have been waiting a lot, it’s only natural that it will be included in the Favorites list now.

Best Support Team

5 Reasons Dimitri Will Be the Favorite of Free Fire (FF) Players

Dimitri is also a character that is finally suitable for us to use, especially if you want to play squad with barbarians too. No need to worry about this character’s skill, because the abilities that Dimitri really has support for all.

Even if you play Squad, this healing effect can protect friends from all dangers that might come their way. Then in close combat too, Dimitri is able to provide a good backup from the back.

Self Revive

5 Reasons Dimitri Will Be the Favorite of Free Fire (FF) Players

Friends who previously knocked and can still move, of course we must immediately Revive to stay alive and continue the game. But if you use Dimitri, you just have to put the Skill near a friend who Knock.

They will automatically have their own Revive Skill, so they can run or heal for a while. Because of Self Revive itself, one of the things that might be useful for Dimitri when Knock’s friends later.

The Reason Dimitri Will Be Favorite Free Fire Player is Flexibility For All Players

5 Reasons Dimitri Will Be the Favorite of Free Fire (FF) Players

Maybe it will be a favorite of many players, because Dimitri’s character has a release possibility that only needs to be top up and also flexible. Because it might provide a helpful ability even if new players also use it.

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Dimitri’s ability supports all players, it’s just that you have to get used to it because it’s not Alok who can be carried away by his healing. We can even use Dimitri as a Rusher, even a character with good support power.

Those are the 5 reasons Dimitri will become a Free Fire (FF) Player’s Favorite, there is a point that does show Dimitri is the strongest character. Even because of the skill itself, we don’t have to worry too much about fighting too hard.

Maybe you will also feel happy, if you know some of the Best Pets for Dimitri Free Fire Characters when we use them to compete later. As well as other things that will provide great strength to fight the enemies.

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