5 Plugins to Detect Malicious Threats on Websites

There are millions of websites currently using WordPress and it’s growing every day. WordPress itself is a popular CMS for creating websites easily. Not only create a blog, but can also create an online store, and others.

Every year there are always updates applied to WordPress, that includes the addition of new features and security. Although basically WordPress-based sites are very safe, not all of them can be said to be safe, because sometimes a site also has loopholes.

Vulnerabilities found in websites have the potential to be used as entry points by hackers. So if that happens, then the website is no longer in safe hands. However, there is a way to detect the gap before the hackers find out.

Namely using the help of additional security plugins. That way, website owners don’t have to worry about website security anymore. Because every time there is a malicious threat that enters the site, the plugin will immediately notify and block access to the loopholes that are found.

The following 5 best security plugins To detect malicious threats on WordPress-based websites:

1. Sucuri

Sucuri is a highly reputable WordPress security plugin. This plugin can notify all kinds of suspicious activity on the website and notify directly via email.

Not only gap scanning is provided, but website owners can also perform “remote malware scanning” to find out if there is malicious code tucked into the site. Sucuri also offers a powerful, purchaseable firewall add-on to enhance website security.

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Overview of the Sucuri Security plugin

2. Anti-Malware

At first glance it seems that this plugin is a kind of antivirus for computers, where Anti-Malware can also perform a series of scans and has a feature to quarantine files that are potentially dangerous or contain threats.

Some of the important features are full, fast, or customized scans. Website owners will be notified whenever this plugin detects a malicious file. And the file will be automatically put into quarantine for manual review.

Overview of the Anti-Malware plugin

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3. Wordfence

Just as popular as Sucuri, where this plugin works to tighten website security to the point of blocking access points to robot. Wordfence offers real-time protection, and provides two-factor authentication features.

The Wordfence service is actually free, but if you are satisfied with its functionality and want to add even more security, there are advanced features that will activate after purchasing the paid version.

Overview of the Wordfence plugin

4. Theme Authenticity Checker

Theme Authenticity Checker or commonly abbreviated as TAC is a plugin to scan all currently installed WordPress themes or templates. This plugin can detect the presence of encrypted code in themes that are considered dangerous.

And if there are themes that are detected as having loopholes, the website owner will be redirected to the code that is considered dangerous for manual review.

Overview of the Theme Authenticity Checker plugin

5. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera provides intelligent scanning for code injection and certain types of malicious malware. This plugin has a unique detection technology and is considered different from other security plugins.

Not only scanning files, but Quttera will also scan external links in an article or page. This plugin is free to use and paid services are also available at an affordable price.

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Overview of the Quttera Web Malware Scanner plugin

Those are the five best security plugins for WordPress-based websites. As a suggestion, just use the one from the list above that feels most satisfying. Do not use multiple security plugins (more than one), because it will cause conflict and overload the server.

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Each of the above plugins has its own advantages and varied threat scanning processes. Some have paid features that will unlock advanced features, but actually even the free version is enough to secure your website properly.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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