5 Most Popular Mobile Legends Hero Fighters in Season 19 (Year 2021)

In each season, several fighter heroes in Mobile Legends must have their heyday. For now there may be Chou, Silvanna, to Jawhead. The level of popularity is certainly not made on purpose, but based on the results of the picks by all ML players.

According to the information we got from the official Mobile Legends website, some of the most popular fighter heroes today are mostly heroes that may be familiar among players. Both in terms of gameplay, skill combos, to the gear set used.

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Fighter is a close range fighter, this role has a mixture of abilities between defensive and offensive. Although the role does not have durability like a tank and the damage output is not as big as an assassin, the damage and resistance of a fighter can increase over time.

Every fighter certainly has a unique guide between mobility, damage, disruption, and durability. When entering a teamfight role, this hero will usually fight on the front line, between resisting attacks and dealing damage to enemies. So you could say the fighter hero is an intermediary so that the fighter functions as a versatile fighter such as a semi tank, Crowd Controller, Tank, or full damage.

The Most Used Mobile Legends Hero Fighter in Tier Legends and Up

top rating hero fighter mlbb
Photo: SS from MLBB web

In this article, we will discuss the most popular Mobile Legends (ML) fighter heroes in season 19 in 2021. Keep in mind, the list of heroes is based on the level of popularity taken from the official MLBB website.

So, basically the list of heroes that we present is based on heroes that are often used by users, not the BEST or THE STRONGEST. What do you think? Curious? Let’s just take a look below.

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1. Chou

Chou MLBB Skin-Iori Yagami KOF Wallpaper HD for PC Hobigame

Although Chou’s presence in Mobile Legends has been around for a long time, his popularity has never subsided. You could say this one fighter hero is really special, besides being versatile, Chou can also be a counter for all heroes.

Interestingly, although now there are many fighter heroes with higher damage or stronger resistance. However, all of that did not make Chou’s glory disappear just like that. This hero is still in demand and is the main choice for fighter users in the Legends tier and above.

So, now what do you think? Has Chou really become a reliable fighter? For those of you who want to use Chou, try using the recommendations for the sickest Chou build item from the global top that we discussed earlier.

2. Silvanna

build silvanna ml sickest, strongest, newest

What do you think about this one hero? Irritating? Or is there something else? In my opinion, this hero is quite annoying, especially if we are hit by the ultimate who can only surrender to wait for death or wait for friends to help.

In addition, Silvanna also has a fairly complex skill set, where the other skill is useful for giving control effects to the enemy, skill 2 can do damage, and most importantly, the ultimate is very useful for teamfights, let alone locking heroes who are the source of damage from enemy teams such as assassin or marksman.

So, it’s not without reason that Silvanna gets the highest level of popularity after Chou, because this hero is really troublesome for the opposing team. Well, for those of you who want to try using this one fighter hero, we recommend using the best Silvanna build item from the global top, that way she will become more deadly.

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3. Guinevere


Next is Guinevere, one of the fighter heroes who is not much different from the previous hero. Where when a player is hit by his ultimate, he cannot move or run away, except using the Purify spell to release any debuffs or Crowd Control effects.

In addition to having large burst damage, Guinevere also has high mobility. So many players use the hero in ranked mode, this is what makes Guinevere’s popularity climb again after a long time of not being used because of his initial appearance, he was often banned, so he got a nerf by Moonton. And now is Guinevere’s era!

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For those of you who want to learn the mechanics of the hero, it never hurts to try AI mode with a computer. The reason is, this hero has a fairly high level of difficulty. So we don’t recommend for those of you who use it directly in ranked mode. Maybe you are also interested in using Guinevere’s top global version of Guinevere’s build item recommendation.

4. Jawhead

Next is the versatile hero fighter. Yes, Jawheads! He is a fighter who can also become an impromptu tank thanks to his DPS sustain attribute. Jawhead’s main skill set has a physical attack attribute, while his basic attack produces a fairly large damage output.

So, don’t be surprised if this hero gets a high level of popularity in 2021. Moreover, Jawhead is a Charge/Burst Damage specialist, which means this hero can contribute quite high damage, and can enter or exit during a teamfight.

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Well, so that you are even better when playing Jawhead. We recommend using the top global version of the Jawhead build item recommendation that we have presented earlier.

5. Yu Zhong

yu zhong

It doesn’t feel like it has entered the top popularity of the last MLBB fighter hero, actually we still want to discuss up to 10-15 heroes, but the time is not enough. But that’s okay, there’s still another chance.

Okay, back to the discussion, this position will be filled by Yu Zhong. Since its presence on the Original Server, this one fighter hero immediately gained quite good popularity. How not, Yu Zhong has a unique ability like one of his skills can regenerate HP. So that he doesn’t need to do a recal to base to replenish HP, except for urgent circumstances.

As a fighter in the front row, of course Yu Zhong is equipped with a skill set that is very useful against his enemies. One of them is the inconvenient Crowd Control (CC) ability. No wonder the user fighter chooses Yu Zhong to play in ranked mode, especially at the Legends tier and above.

For those of you who want to use this hero, try using the sickest Yu Zhong build item used by the global top. Guaranteed it will hurt and very strong.

So, those are the most popular Mobile Legends (ML) fighter heroes in season 19 in 2021. From the list above, is there your favorite hero? Let’s say in the comments.

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