5 Most Popular Mobile Legends Assassin Heroes in 2021

Some assassin heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) must have their own popularity for each season or per year. For now it might be the era of Lancelot or Yi Sun-shin. The level of popularity is certainly not made on purpose, but based on the results of the picks by all ML players.

According to the information we got from the official Mobile Legends website, some of the most popular assassin heroes today are mostly heroes that may be familiar among players. Both in terms of gameplay, skill combos, to the gear set used. There is even a hero who was once forgotten, and is now a top pick like YSS.

Assassin is a role that specializes in killing enemies, this role usually has the largest source of damage in the team. With a focus on infiltration, mobility, and killing it is the job of an opportunistic assassin to kidnap the enemy’s carry heroes before jumping into team fights.

Regardless, assassins need the right time to attack the enemy, not too fast and not slower. In a sense, an assassin must need timing about when he enters and when he has to leave the battle, because this role usually has lower durability than a fighter, but with high burst damage.

So, the point is this, the assassin is very easy to kill the enemy, but he is also easier to kill because of bad position and wrong timing. Therefore, study the timing and situation of the area.

The Most Used Mobile Legends Hero Assassin in Legend Tier and Up

In this article, we will discuss the most popular assassin heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) in season 19 2021. Keep in mind, the list of heroes is based on the level of popularity taken from the official MLBB website.

So, basically the list of heroes that we present is based on heroes that are often used by users, not the BEST or THE STRONGEST. What do you think? Curious? Let’s just take a look below.

1. Gusion


Of the many Mobile Legends heroes, for some reason Gusion emits such a deep charismatic aura. Especially for players who use this hero with “fast hands”, ah, you’re really cool.

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Since it first appeared on the Original Server, Gusion’s name has become increasingly bright for several seasons. Although now it’s not as painful as it used to be, this hero is still deadly because it’s known for its combos. Where Gusion only needs to do one combo to knock out the opponent.

Even though this hero has a fairly high ability and damage output, using Gusion is not easy, it’s as easy as using other assassin heroes. It takes time to understand the skill set, cooldown time, and other mechanics.

Interestingly, if Gusion fell into the right hands, he would be an elusive assassin. Because the actual movement of the hero is very agile and can run away or chase enemies easily.

So there is no particular reason why this ML assassin hero is so in demand. Especially if you think “just because Gusion is handsome to be included in this list, even though there are still many assassin heroes who are sicker”. Not at all, we took based on hero ranking statistics from the official MLBB website.

So, to be better at playing Gusion, you should also try the recommendation for the worst Gusion item build used by the global top.

2. Selena

selena skin epic

This time, Selena holds the title as the most popular ML assassin hero in 2021. How not, Selena has two roles at once, namely Mage and Assassin plus her very annoying combo skills.

Selena’s contribution to the team must be taken into account, because she can open a map with the Abyssal Trap (Skill 1) that is spread on the grass and other places. That way your team will know the whereabouts of the enemy if he is hiding or just passing through.

In addition, this hero is able to provide a Stun effect that lasts for 0.5 – 3 seconds from a distance. That way, you and your teammates can immediately kill your opponent, which is also quite useful when teamfight.

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For the level of difficulty itself, Selena is quite difficult to use, especially for beginners. Because Selena herself is very dependent on the Stun effect, where when she manages to direct the Abyssal Arrow (Skill 2) at the enemy and is stunned, then she can be said to be safe to attack. The stun is quite long should be enough to finish off the enemy.

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Well, what do you think? Did Chou really become a reliable assassin? For those of you who want to use Selena, try using the Selena hurt build item recommendation from the global top that we discussed earlier.

3. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is one of the heroes that is suitable for solo ranked. Because this hero is very useful in various situations. For example, very good for push turrets, easy to escape, very strong against 1 Vs. 1, and many more.

Not only that, Hayabusa also has a charge/burst damage specialist, to charge means he has the ability to enter and exit a team fight easily thanks to the help of skill 2. Meanwhile, his burst damage is able to finish off enemies in an instant.

So he is very deadly and becomes a big threat to marksman, mage, and even assassin heroes from the enemy team. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Hayabusa is so popular with assassin users. Well, for those of you who want to try using Hayabusa, we recommend using the top global version of the Hayabusa build item, so he will become even more deadly.

4. Lancelot


The most popular ML assassin hero, of course, is Lancelot. Just like Gusion, Lancelot’s name continues to shine and never goes out. Although occasionally his name starts to recede when Moonton starts doing nerfs, his popularity has rebounded in recent seasons.

Yes, for some people nothing is impossible with Lancelot, even though the opponent is tanky but using Lancelot’s build item hurts then it’s not a big problem for him. How not, this assassin hero has extraordinary abilities, and can hardly be CC.

As we know, Lancelot’s skill set can do damage and it’s easy to avoid various attacks from opponents. Moreover, skill 2 is able to provide burst damage and become an alternative to get out of teamfight. Interestingly, the passiveness of this hero is able to reduce the opponent’s durability, you know.

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It’s no wonder that Odette’s lover is in great demand by almost all Mobile Legends players, thus increasing her popularity. What do you think about this assassin hero? Is it one of the deadliest heroes?

5. Yi Sun-shin (YSS)

Do you still remember Yi Sun-shin’s performance by Celiboy at MPL ID S7 last week? How cool is the action right? YSS performed brilliantly as well as being a means of proving that he is also able to compete with other assassins.

The hero who had been dim for a long time has now started to shine again since he received a revamp and buff by Moonton. Yi Sun-shin has two roles at once namely assassin and marksman. He has a unique ability where he is able to fight from a distance using arrows and at close range using a sword.

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Meanwhile, this hero has a fairly complex skill set. Skill 1 is very useful for chasing opponents or escaping from enemy attacks, then skill 2 can do damage from a distance, and skill 3 is the most important for the team, where Yi Sun-shin’s ultimate can open a map to find out where the enemy is. by dealing damage at once.

Not only that, YSS also has another unique ability, namely being able to ride the turtle ship available at the base. If the MM/assassin hero generally requires a position that is far from the opponent, but for Yi Sun-shin this does not apply.

Now for those of you who want to use Yi Sun-shin, you should use the recommendation for the worst YSS build item from this global top. Guaranteed the resulting damage will be more painful.

So, those are the most popular assassin heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) in season 19 2021. From the list above, is there your favorite hero? Let’s say in the comments.

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