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Originally posted on January 5, 2021 @ 12:45 PM

If you pay attention, the offmeta Mobile Legends hero here is actually strong. It’s just that meta and strats that don’t support them make these heroes have a low pick rate.

Low pick rate doesn’t mean they are bad heroes. It’s just that it’s not suitable to play at the moment. Their strength and small pick rate is not the cause of this. Therefore it is still very feasible to use.

Interestingly, some of the heroes here were meta heroes. But the meta shift certainly makes some heroes in and out. Well they are not meta anymore, but still very strong.

The news has been summarized based on my experience also of course. So you can try some of these heroes.

So for those of you who want to try rare heroes, you can use them. The strong offmeta Mobile Legends hero here can be your main choice here. They are very effective in multiple setups and team compositions.

This is the current Offmeta Mobile Legends (ML) Hero:


How to Counter Ultimate Kaja in Mobile Legends!

Kaja is a terrible support hero if used properly. He can kidnap opponents and roughly make the fight 5v4 later. In some situations, it is very important to use Kaja.

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Unfortunately at this time less popular use. He is one of the offmeta heroes with enormous potential. Especially playing with a very compact team to take advantage of their skills.

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Kimmy is the current Offmeta Mobile Legends (ML) Hero

The main strength of Kimmy is the very high damage output from her. Kimmy can trouble the opponent thanks to this. Moreover, he who has a fairly high mobility you can take advantage of.

As a marksmana but he doesn’t really get into the meta. This is thanks to strong marksman like Vrody, Claude, and Wanwan who dominate. But he can still compete with these heroes.


For some team setup Akai is a terrible hero. He can be the best choice for those of you who want to help other team members thanks to his CC. Akai is a very strong control.

Tankers but still dominated by Khufra, Barats, and others. Akai, who lost sustainably, was the main reason. But the problem of CC, Akai is far superior, of course.


Current Mobile Legends (ML) Offmeta Hero

With his high damage output, Argus is a terrible hero. The main key is not to use Argus like other fighters. You can use it as a terrible carry.

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Many think that Argus is a weak fighter. Yes, as a fighter, he is far behind the others. Therefore, use him like an assassin and carry.


The Best ML Tank Hero 2021 in Mobile Legends!

Once a terrible meta hero, Grock can now be a very strong alternative choice. Offmeta but still very terrible in a team that is very compact and can take advantage of his skills.

Grock can be decisive in teamfights and ganks. He has many skills that can help team members. Breaking the opponent’s position is the advantage of this tanker.

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Those are some of the offmeta Mobile Legends heroes that are still very worthy for you to use. Still very strong, they can be quite terrifying. As long as you can use them. Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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