5 Easy Tips for Drag Shot Free Fire (FF)

You can try 5 Easy Tips for Drag Shot Free Fire (FF), so that later it will not be difficult to advance against the enemy. Because this is one of the good tips, so you can do deadly attacks on even strong opponents.

In fact, every way we do to get a win, there must be some tips and things that you have to go through first. Of course after you learn about it and try it, there may be various interesting parts for you to try right away.

Then for the part of Knowing What Drag Shot Free Fire is, it’s really necessary if you want to learn shooting tricks like this too. If you don’t know what the beginning is like, then it feels like it’s difficult to do it because there are obstacles in itself.

That’s why you have to know 5 Easy Tips for Drag Shot Free Fire (FF), surely it will be easier than usual. We will no longer be afraid, to try and put up a strong fight against the enemy.

Easy Tips for Drag Shot Free Fire (FF)

Raise Sensitivity

In this first part, you must first increase the sensitivity of each attack, so that it is not too difficult to direct the shot. Now if you have done something like this, then you will immediately test whether it is suitable or not the sensitivity.

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If it matches what you expect, then you can move on to the next step. But if you don’t feel right, you can reset the sensitivity slowly from the beginning.

Choose the Right Weapon

5 Easy Tips for Drag Shot Free Fire (FF)

All the weapons that we use in this Free Fire game are suitable for Drag Shot, except for the Crossbow and Launcher types. Sniper can indeed, but not very effective for parts like this.

Determine the weapon that has burst damage, if you like shotgun, learn the weapon until you can. Then combine it with Drag Shot, so that Rush will be easier because of this high level of damage.

Pull Up The Shoot Button

5 Easy Tips for Drag Shot Free Fire (FF)

Now to do this Drag Shot it’s easy, those of you who are attacking the Enemy and Aim is already Red can immediately Pull Up. Later the attack will go straight to the top, following the movement of the weapon that you pointed earlier.

Keep learning things like this as best you can, until you can do it while running or defending from enemies as well.

Easy Tips for Drag Shot Free Fire is to Move Fast If Failed

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If for example your Drag Shot attack fails, then immediately move the character’s body quickly so as not to be hit by enemy attacks. It’s pretty good if you pair Gloo Wall, so that later the enemy will find it difficult to direct attacks on you.

Pay attention to the movement of the enemy too, so that it will be easier for you to direct the Drag Shot to them. But if conditions don’t allow it, it’s better to use a normal attack whose damage is certain.

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We have to do it from medium and close distance

5 Easy Tips for Drag Shot Free Fire (FF)

This Drag Shot attack is actually enough for you to do at close or medium range, if it’s far it’s still not effective. In fact, many Pro players also do things like this at that distance, it’s proven to be better at aiming too.

You will have no more trouble, if you can master the battle in these conditions later.

After knowing 5 Easy Tips for Drag Shot Free Fire (FF), then you will find it easier when competing later. This will help you to stay calmer, even in difficult situations when fighting enemies.

Then you also have to know Tips to Increase Free Fire Attack Aim, so that later the enemy will not experience a good opportunity. The condition of the enemy being cornered will make it easier for us to get a Kill later.

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