5 Cheapest Free Fire (FF) Characters According to Kabargokil

You should know that there are 5 Cheapest Free Fire (FF) Characters. According to news, it must be cheap and you will realize it too. Because for now there are also some things that you need to pay attention to, before realizing or some things in the game.

Maybe there are characters that you really like, even for characters that can give you excess power. It will definitely be easier to win the game, if you do some things on the ability to compete or the character.

Now, there are 43 newest Free Fire Updated Characters, of course that’s pretty good, let’s try it. Then to get the character there are also several ways, only you have to spend money first if you want that.

But now there are 5 Cheapest Free Fire (FF) Characters. According to news, maybe one of the recommendations that you can choose. Because even though it’s cheap too, the ability of this character has pretty good power and will provide great strength.


5 Cheapest Free Fire (FF) Characters According to Esportsku

For the first one, we will fill in the part for the Ford character, one of the old and quite famous Free Fire generations. Ford itself has 2 different prices, first using 299 Diamond and 8000 Gold if you want to have it.

This character is strong, even if you play in the no-safe zone at all. The position of the zone that often deals damage will feel a little and decrease in total because you get the power of the Ford character for you to use later.

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Then is Olivia, who until now still has a price of 299 Diamond or 8000 Gold, just like the Ford character in the game. Maybe you will also enter as one of the good supports, because you use a skill from a strong character like this.

But if you play alone it’s not right, it won’t even be a recommendation if you do that. Olivia is quite cheap, because the price is affordable and the support skills are still quite included in the Meta in the game as well.


5 Cheapest Free Fire (FF) Characters According to Esportsku

It used to have a low price of 299 Diamond and 8000 Gold, but unfortunately this character is so special now. We know that Andrew is one of the sections for Newbies and beginners, the earliest and Free character for Free Fire players to get.

Was once sold in the Shop and had that price, but eventually disappeared. Now only the skin is left and it has to take out 2600 Diamonds, you don’t get additional skills when you buy the skin.


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Then we can say the next Joseph character because there used to be any Top Up Event, only 1 Diamond you can get Joseph. Of course, the strength that this character gives when competing later, of course has a power that is quite strong.

Even if in close combat, maybe the enemy will find it difficult to Aim because of his skills. Joseph has a skill that when hit by an enemy, he will run at a fairly high speed.

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Then you will find the Wolfrahh character, first at the beginning of your release, you can get more than 1 Top Up Diamond right away. Of course, many players now also have this character, even if you want to know Wolfrahh is still included in the Top Up Bonus criteria.

For beginners, if you get Wolfrahh when you just create an account, of course this is the right choice too. Because of this character, having Skill deals more damage to the Body and reduces headshot when the enemy attacks.

After you know the 5 Cheapest Free Fire (FF) Characters, maybe this will add to your insight. It will definitely feel more exciting, if you manage to get one of the characters that are cheap now.

Moreover, there are also new characters that can heal after fighting, maybe this is one option that you can get later. Because there will be other new characters that will soon be released into the game, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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