5 Characters Compatible With Pet Agent Hop Free Fire (FF)

Let’s try 5 Characters Compatible with Pet Agent Hop Free Fire (FF), this is a good preparation for you to do. So that later when you have the new Pet, you can get the right combination to use a combination like this to play.

Then if you use a strong character, of course there is a pet to accompany him to make it easier to win if it fits. You will probably have several opportunities, so that you can try a commensurate character strength against a strong enemy this time.

Yesterday, there was also a new Free Fire Agent Hop Pet, which was strong, even this will make it easier for you to play. Even later the enemy will not dare to fight you, because the condition of the Pet will increase Energy Points for Healing conditions.

Let’s make it stronger, use 5 Characters Matching with Pet Agent Hop Free Fire (FF), so that the pet can support your game too. Let’s not find it difficult to face a strong enemy, because the abilities of the Character and Pet are very suitable.

Character Matches With Pet Agent Hop Free Fire (FF)


5 Characters Compatible With Pet Agent Hop Free Fire (FF)

For the first time, we can use DJ Kshmr or K characters, the power that you can use later is pretty good. Even for these characters, it is indeed suitable, especially considering the abilities of the new Pet Agent Hop character.

This character named K gives Energy Points, and even increases the capacity of the EP. The mango is really suitable, if you really use the Pet to make it stronger and not too easy for the enemy to penetrate.

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Character Defense FF free fire

Then you can also use Character A124, because its ability will also support the Skills of Agent Hop’s newest Pet now. The abilities they use, too, are related to Energy Points.

Later A124 will quickly convert EP into HP using his skills, so you have to have a lot of EP if you want to be useful. This pet will definitely help, it’s just that you have to be able to keep enemy attacks from being fatal.


How to Use Kapella Free Fire with Other Character Skills!

A Support must also have a strong ability in the game, of course he will be supported by a Pet named Kapella. Agent Hop will give EP when the safe zone shrinks, of course an advantage for Kapella who will receive heal.

However, this will usually be useful if you are only in Squad, because Kapella itself is used in Solo. Unless it’s a safe play combination, keep healing and the enemy won’t be able to penetrate easily.

The Character Matching with the Hop Free Fire Pet Agent is Ford

5 Characters Compatible With Pet Agent Hop Free Fire (FF)

The zone is shrinking and you guys are still out? Don’t worry because Pet Agent Hop fits perfectly with Ford when he’s in that condition. We will see this character take a small amount of damage from the Zone, then the Pet will also give a large amount of EP.

Of course these two are a compatible combination, it’s just that you have to be able to use it as well as possible. In order not to experience difficulties, while still in the outer zone.

DJ Alok

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It might sound weird if DJ Alok is at the bottom, but it’s true that this Pet matches him not very often either. Agent Hop gives Energy Points, while Alok gives a very large and high Healing effect.

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Both do have an advantage if the player uses it, but it won’t last long because it might not match. But if you use it properly, it will probably have a different storyline.

After knowing 5 Characters Compatible with Pet Agent Hop Free Fire (FF), then you will find it easier to fight enemies. Then you have to try it right away, so you won’t be easily defeated when you compete later.

Then you can also find out the 12 Best Free Fire Characters now, so that later you can have a lot of the right choices. Because other than Agent Hop pets, there are still better and cooler ones.

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