5 Best Marksman Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes in 2021

In every season of Mobile Legends (ML) heroes, especially marksman, they must have their own heyday. The popularity level is taken based on the picks by all Mobile Legends players. In the past, Granger, Karrie, and Bruno have become the most popular marksman heroes.

For season 19, the heroes who are the dream of MM users may be Brody, Claude, and Wanwan. Because these MM heroes are often found in any mode, from classic to ranked.

Marksman is a type of role that has long range attacks and high critical damage. This role is usually referred to as carry or ADC (Attack Damage Carry).

Marksman plays an important role in the game by immobilizing enemies from a distance. When using this hero role, be careful to keep your distance from the opponent’s hero, especially be wary of assassins. Because usually MM has low durability and mobility.

This type of hero also always relies on protection from Tanks, when using this MM hero you should use items that can increase attack speed, because in addition to being able to finish off the enemy, MM can also destroy the turret quickly.

In this article we want to discuss the best marksman (MM) heroes this year and some of these heroes are also very suitable for beginners. What are they? Let’s just see below.

The Worst and Best MM Mobile Legends Hero in Season 19

1. Wanwan

Wanwan may not be an MM hero for beginners, because this hero has a fairly high level of difficulty. So players who are new to Wanwan may be confused about skill combos, passives, and other mechanisms.

However, if you are used to using this hero, then the chance to win is very big. Considering Wanwan’s skills have a high source of damage, and there are skills that can release all debuffs/disablers, making Wanwan difficult to catch by the enemy.

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Even though the ultimate is quite difficult, where you have to open all of the target’s Weaknesses then Wanwan’s 3 skills can be used. Besides that, another advantage is, if Wanwan manages to finish off the enemy, then she will attack other targets until her ultimate ends.

That’s not enough, Wanwan’s passive is very useful for dealing with tanky heroes. When he manages to mark the opponent with Weakness, Wanwan’s attack will deal True Damage equal to 2.5% of the enemy’s Max HP.

Now for those of you who want to try Wanwan, you should use the Wanwan build item recommendation from this global top. Guaranteed to increase the pain, deh.

2. Brody

brody mlbb

Since his presence on the original MLBB server, Brody has become a bone of contention for MM users. It’s not a matter of “new heroes must sell”, it’s not like that, guys.

This hero sells well because Brody has a large damage output. The basic attack alone hurts, let alone the skills. No wonder Brody is often banned in the upper tier and to use this hero in ranked mode is a rare moment.

We say this hero is very good. How not, Brody’s attack distance is quite far, his passive skills are very useful for killing opponents, instant kills, have CC skills, and of course as a marksman Brody has large critical damage.

Yes, even though Brody has a slow attack speed compared to MM heroes in general, this deficiency can be patched with a large damage output. So don’t be surprised if Brody is one of the best MLBB marksman heroes in 2021.

3. Claude

claude mlbb

Wow, for this hero, I don’t think I need to explain at length. You know what’s the reason? Yes, we think most ML game fans must already know the greatness of this marksman.

Claude is one of the MM heroes with the highest pick percentage. This hero is often used by esports athletes in championship events, such as Xinnn who often uses it in the MLBB competitive scene on MPL ID.

Besides, many gamers speculate that Claude is a very special MM hero. For example, Claude’s basic attack is capable of dealing high damage, fast attack speed, and of course very slippery to catch.

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Indeed, at the beginning of the game Claude was not so sick, because he himself was the type of hero who relied on items. And usually at the beginning of the game this hero is recommended to farm first before joining the team fight.

If he has pocketed 3-4 items, then Claude becomes dangerous and deadly and will be watched out by the enemy team. If you have reached the late game, then this MM hero has the potential to bring victory.

Now for those of you who are interested in Claude or just want to use it, we suggest you should practice first in AI or classic mode, because Claude himself has a fairly high level of difficulty and is not an MM hero for beginners. Not to forget, we will also provide recommendations for building the sickest Claude item from the global top.

4. Yi Sun-shin (YSS)

yss mlbb

Do you still remember Yi Sun-shin’s actions in the Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia Season 6 (MPL ID S6) and Mytel International Championship events? Yes, since that incident Yo Sun-shin has become a meta.

The MM hero that had been dim for a long time has now started to shine again since he got revamps and buffs from Moonton.

Yi Sun-shin has two roles at once namely assassin and marksman. He has a unique ability where he is able to fight from a distance using arrows and at close range using a sword.

Meanwhile, this hero has a fairly complex skill set. Skill 1 is very useful for chasing opponents or escaping from enemy attacks, then skill 2 can do damage from a distance, and skill 3 is the most important for the team, where Yi Sun-shin’s ultimate can open the map to find out where the enemy is. by dealing damage at once.

Not only that, YSS also has another unique ability, namely being able to ride the turtle ship available at the base. If MM heroes generally need a position that is far from the opponent, but for Yi Sun-shin this does not apply.

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Now for those of you who want to use Yi Sun-shin, you should use the recommendation for the worst YSS build item from this global top. Guaranteed the resulting damage will be more painful.

5. Granger

granger mlbb

My illness in determining the last hero seems to recur. As usual, we were always confused between whether to place Granger or Karrie. Because the two heroes are popular ML marksman heroes this year.

But on second thought, it seems Granger is more suitable to fill the row. What is the reason? Because this hero has advantages, such as easy-to-understand gameplay, short cooldown skills, and being able to become a jungler at once.

Like the previous article that discussed the best jungle ML heroes, for now Granger is one of the most popular marksman heroes.

He has quite complex abilities and skill sets, such as providing high burst damage, escape mechanisms, and poke ability to repay enemy blood.

Granger is very fast to wipe out the entire forest, including the minions. His agile movement thanks to the help of his 2nd skill allows him to be independent without having to rely on tanks.

Unfortunately Granger is a single target hero. That is, he can only target one enemy during a teamfight. But if using Granger’s build item hurts, Granger’s basic attack becomes deadly, especially if you fight other mages or marksman, at most 3-4 hits and instantly die.

So that’s the list of the best popular Mobile Legends (ML) marksman heroes this season in 2021. From the list above, is there your favorite hero? Let’s say in the comments.

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