5 Best Android Karaoke Apps

Consciously or unconsciously, some of you are certainly very happy with karaoke, whether it’s just to sing casually or have fun. Many of you may be happy when you gather with family or friends while relaxing, the best is, of course, karaoke is busy. Well now there are applications on Android for those of you who like karaoke, here are some of the best karaoke applications for Android.

5 list of the best karaoke apps for Android.

1. Karaoke Sing & Record

karaoke android app

This app is at the top of the list for karaoke apps on Android. This one application has been downloaded quite a lot by Android users, maybe you are interested in trying this one application. In the Sing and Record application you can get regular song updates.

2. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

android karaoke app

Red Karaoke is an app that is on the list of the best apps and has attracted quite a lot of attention for Android users. Besides this application provides 100 different genres of songs, Red karaoke also provides a feature to record your singing so you can play back your karaoke recordings and show them to your friends or relatives.

3. Kids Karaoke

karaoke app for kids

When it comes to karaoke, it’s not only for adults, but children will also like karaoke. Karaoke for children is also great for teaching children to learn to read text on karaoke and can be a fun thing when hanging out with family. If you’re probably looking for a karaoke app for kids, then this app is perfect for you. Because this application also provides a large list of songs for your child.

4. Starmaker

karaoke on android

Starmaker is one of those karaoke apps that offers features not available for regular karaoke. In this application, besides being able to record your karaoke results, this application also offers a feature for Auto-Tune so that your recordings will look professional. This application also provides a video recording feature from you with your own karaoke results.

5. Sing! Karaoke By Smule

karaoke app

Sing! is an application from another developer for karaoke. In this application besides you record your karaoke results, Sing! also offers to enhance your vocal recordings to look smooth and professional. Another feature of this application, there is also a feature to share your karaoke recordings with your friends or relatives via social media.

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