5 Best Android Apps For Drawing On Smartphones

5 Best Android Apps For Drawing On Smartphones – Android is an operating system that is on a smartphone that already has a variety of interesting features such as a PC. Then this android already has a variety of applications and games that are very interesting and also exciting.

Talking about the available applications, there are so many types in the android market store. Starting from chat applications, social media, utilities, designs and also editors such as drawing. Talking about this drawing application is very good to help you in virtual drawing. So, you can draw on your smartphone without using paper, you just have to draw it on your smartphone or tablet using the application.

Currently, there are various applications that you can use to draw which you can download on the Play Store. And for those of you who want to try it here best app for drawing on android.

Best Apps To Draw On Android

Layer Paint HD

Layer Paint HD is an application that is very suitable for drawing manga. With a very professional UI, there are many features in this application. Then if you like making canvases with high resolution or HD, then you can use this application to draw them.

You don’t have to worry about the limited layers you want to create, because you can also add layers with very fast performance and also very easy to use.

Then other features such as Import/Export PSD files, filter effects and eraser are very good for you to use. Then you can also see your results through the application that is already on your PC. Layer Paint HD is available for free on Google Playstore.

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Clover Paint

Clover Paint is another useful application for drawing. This application is highly recommended for those of you who can draw professionally. This application has excellent features, tools and effects. In addition, the canvas that you have created in this application can also be rotated. So you don’t have to worry or be afraid that your tablet will lag, because this application already has an auto save feature.

For those of you who have tried the infinite painter application that has too much lag, you should use this application, because this application rarely lags. In addition, this application is also very easy to understand and the features of its use are also easy. If you are used to drawing a stylus, you can try the brushes feature in the Clover Paint application. To use this application, you can download it on the Play Store for free.

Art Flow

Art Flow is also an application that you can use to draw. This application is very popular among makers of paintings or drawings. This application already has various features such as a lot of brush effects. Then this application has also been developed in such a way, the touch screen screen on this tablet also supports drawing speed sensitivity.

Then with a combination of brush effects that you have used, you can produce colors that will look like watercolors. But this art flow still doesn’t support portrait mode, so during the image creation process it will be in landscape mode. You can download this application for free on Playstore.

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Zen Brush

Zen Brush is an application that is useful for drawing on your android device. This application is commonly used by artists to paint, draw or write using ink effects.

Then the template or background in this application is very artistic, so that your digital painting work will look more real. Then you can also undo this application if there is an error when you draw. Zen Brush is available for free on Playstore.

Sketch Master

Sketch Master is a sketch drawing application that is very easy to use. The appearance of this application is very simple. In addition, the tools in this application can also make your painting more artistic.

This Sketch Master application still does not support portrait mode, so to draw you still use Landscape mode. If you want to use Sketch Master, you can directly download it for free on the Google Play Store.

Above that best drawing app on android which you can use to draw or create digital paintings. Hopefully this information is useful and useful for you.

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