5 Best and Painful M82B Free Fire (FF) Skins

To strengthen the performance of the M82B sniper, you can install the 5 Best and Worst M82B Free Fire (FF) Skins below. The design also makes this sniper even cooler.

Free Fire (FF) is a popular battle royale game. What’s interesting about this FF battle royale game is that the gameplay is not too serious.

It means that in FF you don’t only get gun battles. But also by using characters who have skills.

In addition, FF also provides weapon skins that are not only useful as cosmetics. However, it also gives stats effects to weapons.

M82B Free Fire (FF) Skin the Best and the Worst

M82B is one of the snipers available in Free Fire (FF). If you like this sniper, you can try the 5 Best and Worst M82B Free Fire (FF) Skins below:

1. M82B Mob Dragon

5 skins M82B Free Fire

The first M82B skin that we will discuss here is the M82B Mob Dragon. If you want to get it, you should try harder because this skin is included in the rare type.

The appearance of yellow and red patterns on the body strengthens the impression of a dragon in this M82B sniper skin.

For the effect itself, this Mob Dragon skin will increase range and armor penetration. But unfortunately the movement speed of the M82B will decrease.

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2. The Best and Painful M82B Free Fire (FF) Skin M82B Time Traveler

Next is the M82B Time Traveler skin. This weapon skin is here to complete the bundle with a similar theme and appearance.

The appearance of this sniper skin has a combination of yellow and black colors. On the body of the weapon there is a timer image that shows the effect of this Time Traveler skin.

3. M82B Free Fire (FF) Skin hurts M82B The Falconer

5 skins M82B Free Fire

Next up is the M82B The Falconer skin. This skin comes as a package in one gun skin box The Falconer. Inside there are M82B, USP, Thompson, and SVD weapon skins.

For stat effects for M82B, this The Falconer skin adds stat points to rate of fire and armor penetration. However, this skin reduces the weapon’s magazine.

4. M82B Hurricane Delivery

Then there is the M82B Hurricane Delivery skin. This sniper skin is also present in the Hurricane Delivery gun skin box. There are M82B, AK47, and VSS weapon skins.

For the stat effect of this Hurricane Delivery skin, it will add range points and weapon magazines. But unfortunately the reload speed of the M82B weapon is reduced because of this skin.

5. M82B Woodpacker

5 skins M82B Free Fire

The last M82B skin is the M82B Parafal skin. This skin is available in the Cosmic Bounty Hunter gun skin box. There are two weapon skins here, namely the M82B Woodpacker and the Parafal skin.

With this skin, M82B will get an additional stats in the range of two points. While the movement speed of the M82B is reduced.

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