5 Advantages of Using Rafael Free Fire (FF) Killer Agent

Originally posted on March 6, 2021 @ 9:55 AM

So here are 5 Advantages of Using Rafael Free Fire (FF) Killer Agent. He is indeed one of the most unique characters, so it’s no wonder that for example, Rafael is indeed good enough to be used when competing later.

Because of the power given by this cause, it will definitely help the players to win more easily. So from there, we can find out the advantages that are given directly by the free fire character named Rafael right now.

For now, there are a lot of developments that are present in the Free Fire game. Of course, with that, all of you will indeed have a Predatory Cobra Free Fire Skin Bat which is strong enough to be used when competing.

Then if you want to be even stronger, then you have to know the 5 Advantages of Using Rafael Free Fire (FF) Killer Agent. That way, competing later will be even easier and you won’t have any more difficulties when competing.

Advantages of Using Rafael Free Fire (FF) Killer Agent

Rafael’s Supportive Body

Free Fire Attachment Mandatory

Remember, in this Free Fire game, each character has a body or from different body parts. So this will help us to make it even easier to play and one of them is Rafael.

He is a very silent character, he also has a dangerous power and can be a threat to all enemies. Body or body, it is very easy to enter the house through the window.

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Silent Killer

So from the name alone he is like an Agent, where Rafael can give his Killer power to all enemies. Rafael also has a Skill which, will make the sound of Weapons disappear from the Map.

So that Rafael’s position when attacking or using Sniper, will not be easy to know. Because the power used by him, it is very useful for the future.

Skills Suitable for Sniper Role

Free Fire Robot Themed SVD Skin

When we play in this Free Fire game, there must be lots of roles to try with the players. Including the so-called Role Sniper, yup this is Support damage which is at the very back.

Where is Rafael who is not easily caught by the enemy, because of his strength. Therefore the sniper role will also be even safer, when using this character when competing later.

The Sound of Slow Footsteps

Well, it turns out that it was true that in the past it was Rafael, who had quite slow feet. Considering that he is an agent who must be able to defeat his target, then he must not be caught easily and even from footprints.

If you are aware of yourself, the footsteps of Rafael’s character when he is in the match are the quietest. Not that it doesn’t exist, but just that it has a voice small enough for the enemy to know.

Easy to Dominate the Match

Finally, if you use this character well, then it’s not surprising that Dominating the match is not too difficult.

The power that has been given by Rafael, of course, can be put to good use by the players so that they can be better at giving great dominance in the game.
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So in the new information 5 Advantages of Using Rafael Free Fire (FF) Killer Agent, are you guys interested in using Rafael? Of course it will be one of the interesting information, for the players to try.

Because what we know is that the Push Rank Strategy of Free Fire Season 20, there is indeed an element of Rafael as well. Maybe with something like that, you all will be interested in using this character later.

Keep up with the new updates from the Free Fire game by following the news on Instagram right now. That way, in the future, you will know about the updates that Garena provides.

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